Micha Magid of Mighty Quinn's BBQ Says Restaurants Need to Break the Mold When It Comes to Franchising. Here's Why. Mighty Quinn's BBQ co-founder Micha Magid discusses scaling a business, building a restaurant tech stack, and abandoning a one-size-fits-all approach to franchising.

By Shawn P. Walchef

Key Takeaways

  • Non-Traditional Approach to Scaling: Scaling can be a tricky thing when it comes to brick-and-mortar restaurants. It is important that the specific needs of each local location are taken into consideration when considering a move or placement of a new storefront.
  • Restaurant Tech Stack: With multiple locations, having an efficient tech stack is important for Mighty Quinn’s BBQ. Micha Magid and the team have placed a focus on tech by including tools like Toast and R365 to ensure efficiency across locations.
  • Building a Passionate Team: Mighty Quinn’s has a low turnover rate in their managerial staff due to the company's belief in people enjoying coming to work.

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Scaling a brick-and-mortar restaurant brand is a big challenge. But Micha Magid and Mighty Quinn's BBQ have found success growing their franchise operation by tailoring each new location to the needs of its local market.

The Mighty Quinn's BBQ company's approach to scaling its low-and-slow craft barbecue business diverges from the traditional multi-unit model by focusing on the specific market requirements of each area.

This meticulous data analysis precedes the search for suitable real estate, ensuring that new Mighty Quinn's restaurants seamlessly integrate with their respective communities.

"We use that lens to look at each market differently and say, 'Okay, what does this market need? Does it need a dining room? Does it need a bar?'" Micha Magid explains to Restaurant Influencers show host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media.

"We do that analysis first, and then we go find the real estate."

Efficiency is a key driver for Mighty Quinn's BBQ. The company places a high premium on having a strong restaurant tech stack, incorporating tools like Toast, Restaurant365, Lunchbox and more to streamline ordering and operations.

The commitment to simplicity and productivity extends to franchisees, who benefit from accessible education, resources and technology. Implementing of systems like Toast (the title sponsor of the Restaurant Influencers video series) not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides valuable data insights for strategic decision-making.

"Franchisees have all the educational resources at the click of a button, both video, text, pictures, everything to make it as seamless as possible," notes Magid.

Another notable aspect of Mighty Quinn's success is its low turnover rate among managerial staff, a testament to the company's focus on creating an enjoyable workplace. Micha Magid attributes this achievement to a cohesive corporate team that has been together for years, and who share a passion for great food and excellence. For Mighty Quinn's BBQ, creating an empowering workplace is a fundamental part of their operational strategy.

"At the corporate level, fortunately, our core team, we've been together for years. And it's a beautiful thing," says Micha Magid.

In the competitive landscape of barbecue restaurants, a strategic vision, commitment to strategic scaling, and emphasis on operational efficiency and employee satisfaction, set Mighty Quinn's BBQ apart as a leader in the industry with more growth opportunities to come.

"Even though it's a job, it's got to be fun to show up to and empower those GMs with the tools to let them treat that restaurant like they own it."

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