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5 Best Coffee Alternatives to Boost Productivity, Mental Clarity and Focus

These are the top sources of caffeine that won't make you feel jittery.

The Hidden Dangers of Daylight Saving Time, And How Entrepreneurs Can Cope

When daylight saving time ends, the adjustment can bring about changes in your physical and mental health. Entrepreneurs can take steps to adjust their routine and stay thriving even after the time change.

What Cancer Taught Me About Life, Love and Leadership

I have Stage IV prostate cancer. Here's why I'm still smiling.

Use this simple strategy to audit your responsibilities, hobbies and relationships in order to figure out what holds you back.

The Hidden Benefits of Business Failure: My Personal Experience

Why failing miserably was the best thing that happened to my business

3 Common Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Productivity

Learn how you can optimize your mental performance for productivity by avoiding these three common mistakes.

The Science-Backed Case for Embracing Boredom in the Workplace

Research shows that for entrepreneurs, a dash of ennui can actually be an asset. Here's how to turn boredom into an engine for creativity.

Go from Annoyed to Thankful in Three Steps: A Guide for High-Performing Entrepreneurs

Learn how to quickly flip your perspective and create positive change.

13 Ways to Beat End-of-Summer Burnout Without Using PTO

At this time of year, we all know we should wear hats and sunblock. But what about other burns, like end-of-summer burnout?

'I Don't Make Decisions Based on Money': Yankees Great CC Sabathia on Taking Chances That Define Your Character

The future Hall of Fame pitcher discusses his personal philosophy of doing things for the right reasons.

These 3 Peloton Instructors Went From Struggling Freelancers to Rising Entrepreneurs — Here's How They Did It.

Emma Lovewell, Cody Rigsby and Tunde Oyeneyin share life stories that helped shape them as celebrity fitness instructors and brand ambassadors in recently published books.

Venus Williams: Thriving Tennis Legend and Entrepreneur

Her remarkable journey from a talented young tennis player to a prosperous businesswoman has undoubtedly inspired millions worldwide.

Find Remote and Flexible Work with FlexJobs—Now Just $30

Pick up a side hustle or round out your freelance income.

You Don't Need a College Degree for These 10 In-Demand Jobs That Can Pay More Than 6 Figures

Americans are rethinking the traditional college route as major companies like Apple and IBM drop degree requirements.

How to Respond to Strengths and Weaknesses Questions During a Job Interview

Learn what interviewers look for when they ask about your strengths and weaknesses.

4 Things to Remember When Searching for Remote Jobs

With more companies offering hybrid and remote jobs, there's plenty to consider. But with the right tools and approach, you can find the perfect remote job to fit your career goals and lifestyle.

Before switching careers or starting a business, learn why reengineering is your secret weapon for turning dreams into strategies, leveraging your unique skill set, and charting a course to undeniable success. This is the game-changer you've been waiting for.

Get Lifetime Access to 1,000+ E-Courses for $33

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The Science-Backed Case for Embracing Boredom in the Workplace

Research shows that for entrepreneurs, a dash of ennui can actually be an asset. Here's how to turn boredom into an engine for creativity.

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