Organization Wishlist: The Products I’m Eyeing

I’m always trying to get organized and especially having just gotten rid of so much stuff, I want to start right and stay organized from the beginning.  I’ve been taking note when I come across things that look useful and I thought I’d share some of my list with you. Silverware Organizer Tray Check out… Continue reading Organization Wishlist: The Products I’m Eyeing

My Favorite People On Youtube

So a few months ago, my mother asked me how people made money off vlogging.  In explaining, I showed her some videos and I got hooked.  There’s a few Youtubers I like to keep an eye because they make me laugh or they have content I relate to.  If you’re looking for someone new to… Continue reading My Favorite People On Youtube

Staying Organized At Work

So my full-time job is kind of a catch-all, task wise.  I support multiple managers, I bat paperwork cleanup, I fill in for the receptionist, I handle unhappy customers…at any given point, I’m juggling several balls in the air.  So to keep up, I’ve had to stay organized, and it’s working so well, that everyone… Continue reading Staying Organized At Work