American vs. Italian Healthcare: Part 1

So one of the big reasons we wanted to move to Italy was the healthcare. Not just socialized medicine, but also the quality – WHO often rates Italian healthcare as one of the best in the world, and my research indicated that the doctors are more knowledgeable, access is easier, and there’s more viable treatment… Continue reading American vs. Italian Healthcare: Part 1

Life In Ostuni – One Month Later

So we’ve been living in Ostuni for a full month now. We love it. It’s great being closer to a larger city (seriously, Torre Dell’Orso was small!), the house is pretty great, we LOVE all the land we have and so does Dakota. This month has been a lot of getting settled. Learning about the… Continue reading Life In Ostuni – One Month Later

Life In Italy – What It’s Really Like

So the Dolce Vita blogger group covers different topics about life in Italy every month and I thought I’d contribute to this month’s topic. Thanks to the hosts – Kelly, Jasmine, and Kristie – for hosting this every month. For March, the group is covering what life in Italy is really like. So I’m very… Continue reading Life In Italy – What It’s Really Like

10 Trivia Facts For National Trivia Day

It’s National Trivia Day and as the queen of odd facts, I feel the need to uphold my title.  I sorted through my brain and pulled out ten facts that I thought I remembered, then I scoured the internet to verify.  I totally don’t remember where they initially came from, but I read weird things… Continue reading 10 Trivia Facts For National Trivia Day

2018 Review – How Did This Year Turn Out?

I saw a challenge on BohoBerry to do a series of year-end journal entries evaluating 2018.  Now, I don’t really journal, so I thought I’d blog, and just combine them into one post.  This has been a big year, so I’d like to take a closer look at it before we move into 2019. 2018… Continue reading 2018 Review – How Did This Year Turn Out?


So it was finally time to go to Salerno and get my great-great-grandfather’s birth certificate! Unfortunately, my cousin was sick, and then was working. So me, being the genius I am, said I’ll go by myself and get it – M can stay home with the animals, F can live his life, and I can… Continue reading Salerno

Day 2 in Otranto

Dakota Let’s kick this off with a quick story from yesterday.  We were relaxing at the house and Dakota (my sweet, insane puppy) was being a giant pest and generally annoying me.  I kept pushing him away, because I am apparently the meanest Puppy-Mama in the world (you’ll know why in a minute).  About an… Continue reading Day 2 in Otranto

Visiting Otranto

So the other day we went into Otranto.  It’s the town just south of Torre Dell’Orso, about 10 minutes away by car.  We needed to go into town for the post office and to pick up some things, but also we thought it would be nice to see what we could – and boy, was… Continue reading Visiting Otranto