My Favorite Cities For A Road Trip

It’s summer and one thing I love to do in the summer is take road trips. I thought I’d tell you about my favorites, in case you want to do your own last minute road trip! Now I was an East Coast girl my whole life so most of these cities are on the east… Continue reading My Favorite Cities For A Road Trip

3 Coolest Presidents

It’s Presidents Day! The holiday started as a celebration of George Washington’s birthday and evolved into a day to remember all of America’s presidents, but let’s be honest, some are more memorable than others, at least for good reasons. I wanted to share some information about a few presidents that I always find interesting. This… Continue reading 3 Coolest Presidents

Visiting Otranto

So the other day we went into Otranto.  It’s the town just south of Torre Dell’Orso, about 10 minutes away by car.  We needed to go into town for the post office and to pick up some things, but also we thought it would be nice to see what we could – and boy, was… Continue reading Visiting Otranto