American vs. Italian Healthcare: Part 1

So one of the big reasons we wanted to move to Italy was the healthcare. Not just socialized medicine, but also the quality – WHO often rates Italian healthcare as one of the best in the world, and my research indicated that the doctors are more knowledgeable, access is easier, and there’s more viable treatment… Continue reading American vs. Italian Healthcare: Part 1

Living With Depression: My Experience

There are days when I feel almost normal. Good and bad things happen, I handle them appropriately. I get some chores done, I cook, I read. I smile, I laugh, I frown. Then there are the normal days – my normal, at least, with my depression. And those days…they’re more frequent and they’re significantly harder.… Continue reading Living With Depression: My Experience

Life with Endometriosis

Hey, it’s National Endometriosis Awareness Month, and I wanted to share my own story of endo in the hopes that it helps others understand what someone might be going through, or have another reason to advocate for themselves when things get really hard. Now, there is going to be talk of periods and such, so… Continue reading Life with Endometriosis

“Wear Red Day” Outfits

February 1st is Wear Red Day, to show support for heart disease research. While people picture overweight older men as the most likely candidate for heart issues, more women die every year from heart disease than men. The symptoms are often missed, as heart attacks present differently in men and women, and women tend to… Continue reading “Wear Red Day” Outfits

The Best Exercise Blogs To Follow in 2019

Since a lot of people make resolutions to exercise more (and then break them because who wants to exercise?), I wanted to gather up some exercise blogs that I like that have fun workout plans or useful information to keep you motivated.  Here’s a list for you to check out – hopefully it will inspire… Continue reading The Best Exercise Blogs To Follow in 2019

A Rocking Exercise Playlist To Keep You Pumped

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who can work out without an amazing playlist. I know I can’t. Let’s be honest – my playlist is how I convince myself to work out at all sometimes. You have to have fast-paced, upbeat powerful songs (unless you’re doing yoga, which would be a whole seperate playlist)… Continue reading A Rocking Exercise Playlist To Keep You Pumped

Exercise in 2019: Fun Ways To Keep Your Resolutions

Have you seen all the exercise options out there?  It’s pretty refreshing to not be limited to running or biking.  I wanted to make a bucket list of the cool things to try for this year – maybe I’ll find something that will keep me motivated! Doga I’ve done goat yoga and I love it,… Continue reading Exercise in 2019: Fun Ways To Keep Your Resolutions

Day 2 in Otranto

Dakota Let’s kick this off with a quick story from yesterday.  We were relaxing at the house and Dakota (my sweet, insane puppy) was being a giant pest and generally annoying me.  I kept pushing him away, because I am apparently the meanest Puppy-Mama in the world (you’ll know why in a minute).  About an… Continue reading Day 2 in Otranto