Dog Treats By Dakota

It’s #International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day and I thought it would be fun to share some of my best dog treat recipes, all approved by my baby boy, Dakota! While he will eat anything, he certainly lets me know what he’s eating out of obligation and what he actually likes. **Warning: I will add pictures… Continue reading Dog Treats By Dakota

Day 2 in Otranto

Dakota Let’s kick this off with a quick story from yesterday.  We were relaxing at the house and Dakota (my sweet, insane puppy) was being a giant pest and generally annoying me.  I kept pushing him away, because I am apparently the meanest Puppy-Mama in the world (you’ll know why in a minute).  About an… Continue reading Day 2 in Otranto

The Best Dog Training Technique I’ve Ever Seen

So I’ve talked about my puppies before.  I saved them from Death Row at the pound and took them home and I love them.  But for the first two years of their lives (and intermittently longer), they were bad boys.  They were wild, they were loud, they bounced around the house, they were bad on… Continue reading The Best Dog Training Technique I’ve Ever Seen

My First Post – and my favorite topic

So this is my first official post on this blog, and it’s going to be on my favorite topic!  To explain, when I decided to start this blog, I figured it would be easier to write regularly if I had some loose guidelines to follow, so I made a schedule that on this day, I’d… Continue reading My First Post – and my favorite topic