The Italians Make It Better

It’s been a while since I did an Italy update, and I want to talk about something I’ve noticed over here. It started when I was looking up Italian recipes for some American dishes – I wanted to make macaroni and cheese, but I didn’t know what to substitute for cheddar cheese, which is near… Continue reading The Italians Make It Better

2019’s Perfect Summer Playlist

It’s officially summer again! I’m not a huge fan of summer – the heat, the mosquitoes…not my thing. I don’t even love the beach that much – you just get sand in uncomfortable places. But this is a great time to sit on your deck, relax with a fancy cocktail (my new blender arrives today… Continue reading 2019’s Perfect Summer Playlist

Tartan Outfits

It’s National Tartan Day, and since I’m a huge fan of anything plaid, I thought I’d put together some outfits to celebrate. Casual Blue I like that this is such a simple sundress, with basic heels and bag. I love to wear navy, and I could totally see running errands or going for a picnic… Continue reading Tartan Outfits

My 2019 Goals

So it’s finally 2019, and time to figure out what I want from this year. Last year was huge for me – I wanted to find part of me again, the strong part, and I wanted to make progress on getting to Italy – and I did more than both! I’m living in Italy, and… Continue reading My 2019 Goals


So it was finally time to go to Salerno and get my great-great-grandfather’s birth certificate! Unfortunately, my cousin was sick, and then was working. So me, being the genius I am, said I’ll go by myself and get it – M can stay home with the animals, F can live his life, and I can… Continue reading Salerno


So we woke up from our rest stop camping this morning and hit the road about 8 am for Gruyeres, Switzerland, home of fondue and masters of cheese. Again, French highways are far better designed than their city roads so it was an easy drive…for a while. Then next thing I know, we are going… Continue reading Gruyeres

The Best Place To Buy Perfume

I am so picky about my fragrances.  Considering I feel like my nose is broke most of the time since I can’t smell most things, I can smell way too much in regards to perfumes.  I hate when they are too sweet or too alcohol-y, and I dislike generic scents.  I used to wear Burberry… Continue reading The Best Place To Buy Perfume

My Favorite People On Youtube

So a few months ago, my mother asked me how people made money off vlogging.  In explaining, I showed her some videos and I got hooked.  There’s a few Youtubers I like to keep an eye because they make me laugh or they have content I relate to.  If you’re looking for someone new to… Continue reading My Favorite People On Youtube

It Came!!

So the last piece of American paperwork I need for my Italian citizenship just came!  I first ordered this marriage license from New Jersey last November, and in January, they said it was actually in New York.  I ordered it from New York in February, and reordered it in June, and it finally showed up! … Continue reading It Came!!