Post-Pandemic Travel Bucket List

Italy is finally lightening restrictions after COVID-19. It’s still going to be a while before travel resumes, especially on an international level, but I’m already dreaming of trips I want to take. Here’s my travel bucket list, featuring all of the places I’m most excited about and the biggest draw for me. Tirana, Albania This… Continue reading Post-Pandemic Travel Bucket List

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Wanderlust: Places I Want To Go

I love to travel. The past few years, I didn’t get to do as much of it as I like, but now that I’m in Europe, I’m hoping to start traveling more again. It’s so much cheaper from this side of the water! If you’re looking for some vacation ideas yourself, check out my travel… Continue reading Wanderlust: Places I Want To Go

My Favorite Cities For A Road Trip

It’s summer and one thing I love to do in the summer is take road trips. I thought I’d tell you about my favorites, in case you want to do your own last minute road trip! Now I was an East Coast girl my whole life so most of these cities are on the east… Continue reading My Favorite Cities For A Road Trip