The Best Place To Buy Perfume

I am so picky about my fragrances.  Considering I feel like my nose is broke most of the time since I can’t smell most things, I can smell way too much in regards to perfumes.  I hate when they are too sweet or too alcohol-y, and I dislike generic scents.  I used to wear Burberry… Continue reading The Best Place To Buy Perfume

My Five Favorite Makeup Brands

I have just recently found the fun in makeup again.  For a while, it was a chore, something I did because I felt it was expected, and I’m not sure when I lost the joy I had in high school.  To me, makeup is just a different form of art – I can evoke a… Continue reading My Five Favorite Makeup Brands

My Favorite People On Youtube

So a few months ago, my mother asked me how people made money off vlogging.  In explaining, I showed her some videos and I got hooked.  There’s a few Youtubers I like to keep an eye because they make me laugh or they have content I relate to.  If you’re looking for someone new to… Continue reading My Favorite People On Youtube

It Came!!

So the last piece of American paperwork I need for my Italian citizenship just came!  I first ordered this marriage license from New Jersey last November, and in January, they said it was actually in New York.  I ordered it from New York in February, and reordered it in June, and it finally showed up! … Continue reading It Came!!

The Best Lip Sync Battle Performances

So when I heard that the skit from Jimmy Fallon’s show was becoming a T.V. show in it’s own right, I thought that was insane.  Who wants to watch thirty minutes of people PRETENDING to sing?  As funny as it was for a few minutes occasionally, I figured a whole series was too much.  Lip… Continue reading The Best Lip Sync Battle Performances

Serve It Up: Strawberry Summer Salad

I love to eat salads in the summer.  It’s cool, refreshing, and easy to throw together.  I can take them to work, I can prepare them in advance, and I can vary what I put in them.  Here’s what I put in one of my favorites.   Summer Strawberry Salad Mixed greens (romaine, kale, spinach,… Continue reading Serve It Up: Strawberry Summer Salad

Staying Organized At Work

So my full-time job is kind of a catch-all, task wise.  I support multiple managers, I bat paperwork cleanup, I fill in for the receptionist, I handle unhappy customers…at any given point, I’m juggling several balls in the air.  So to keep up, I’ve had to stay organized, and it’s working so well, that everyone… Continue reading Staying Organized At Work

The Best Dog Training Technique I’ve Ever Seen

So I’ve talked about my puppies before.  I saved them from Death Row at the pound and took them home and I love them.  But for the first two years of their lives (and intermittently longer), they were bad boys.  They were wild, they were loud, they bounced around the house, they were bad on… Continue reading The Best Dog Training Technique I’ve Ever Seen