Autumn Q&A

I saw these questions suggested for a blogger collaboration I’m doing this month for Blogtober, and while I submitted a different post, I thought these would still be fun to answer! Everyone knows Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons – I am just meant for the cooler weather – so I can’t resist!

What is your favorite Autumn tradition?

I don’t necessarily have traditions, but at some point, when it gets nice and cool, I love to take a day to make up a big batch of my vegetarian chili. It tastes so good and is perfectly spicy, it just warms me up. i eat a bowl of that with saltine crackers, sitting on the couch with a good book.

If Autumn is your favorite season, why?

Well, reason number 1 is that the summer heat is over and it’s cooling down. I am not made for heat, I am a creature of cold and darkness. Beyond that, I was born in New Jersey, and one of my favorite places that I lived was Boston, so I have some great memories of the Northeast in fall, with the leaves changing. All that red and gold and orange is just so beautiful. Plus, cinnamon everything, fuzzy sweaters, and boots – what’s not to love!?

What’s a book that gets you in the Autumn mood?

I love to reread Macbeth in the fall or Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart. I also tend to get sick in the fall, and when I’m sick and grumpy, I like to pick up Jen Lancaster’s memoirs, like Bitter Is The New Black because I know they’ll make me laugh, so at some point, I started associating them with Autumn as well. Really, I mostly tend towards historical books during this time, fiction and non-fiction – maybe it’s my substitute for going back to school!

What are your top fashion tips for Autumn?

I am all about fuzzy sweaters and boots. I like to pull tones from nature, so darker reds, pumpkin or burnt orange, goldenrod yellow, and plenty of chocolate brown! Keep shirts and pants solid, and then you can play around with prints on infinity scarves and cute socks and, if you’re obsessed with O-Bags like me, on the cuff of your purse. I’m a huge fun of chenille sweaters, and for silhouette, go slim-cut – chunky fabrics benefit from the closer cut so that you don’t look bigger. Also, button-up shirts under sweaters. This is a favorite for me, since with my big chest, button-ups can fit poorly, but the sweater covers that. One of my absolute favorite outfits that I literally wore out last year was a white button-up with little foxes on it, a mustard yellow v neck sweater, and oxblood chino pants. It had way more color than I normally delve into, but it looked amazing and was really comfortable.

What are your favorite places to visit in Autumn?

Massuchusetts is definitely one. Boston is beautiful, and Salem is pretty spiritual this time of year. Philadelphia is another favorite city of mine, and I feel like in fall, the city just kind of glows. Last year, I visited Genoa at the end of fall, and the whole city was just golden – plus, the weather was perfect for posoti in walnut sauce with a glass of wine. I actually love to travel in the fall – places tend to be less crazy crowded, so you can enjoy them more. In 2017, we visited Disneyworld in the fall and it was perfect. We didn’t have to wait in lines, we didn’t have to fight our way through crowds of people, and we caught the tail end of the Food and Wine Festival.

What’s your favorite Autumn nail color?

I love a rich chocolate brown (OPI’s Chocolate Moose or Linger Over Coffee), a muted gold (Essie’s Mani Thanks), or an edgy, shimmery black (OPI’s My Private Jet). If I’m going for a red, it’s always OPI’s Bogota Blackberry.

What’s your favorite Autumn lip color?

In general, I’m addicted to Too Faced’s Melted liquid lipsticks. For fall, I head towards browns, like their Gingerbread Man, or burgundy, like Drop Dead Red. They also have a metallic line – Give It To Me is a beautiful coppery shade that I adore.

What’s your favorite Autumn movie?

Definitely either Practical Magic or The Blind Side. I’m not very into scary movies, so Practical Magic fits the whole Halloween mood without keeping me up all night. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are excellent as always. My second choice features an excellent Thanksgiving scene, one of the my favorite parts in the movie – and as I type this, I realize Sandra Bullock is just the queen of fall movies to me!

What’s your favorite Autumn pie?

Apple, of course! I like to make it from scratch and I make the filling in bulk, assemble a couple of pies, and then freeze them.

What’s your favorite Autumn drink?

Cinnamon mochas, hands down. It’s got a bit of spice, espresso, and chocolate. I will drink them by the gallon.

What are you most looking forward to this October?

Well, this October, I’m actually doing some packing. Our lease runs out this December, and we decided to spend a few months (or more! Who knows?) in, drumroll, please…Istanbul! We found a great place to stay near the Galata Tower – the apartment even has a rooftop terrace – and the location is perfect for exploring the city. I think it’s time for me to start getting some of my work published in bigger travel magazines, and I wanted a new and inspiring locale to write about.

So this October, I’m looking forward to packing and planning, and my newest adventure.

Now you know me a bit better. I love this season and everything about it – do you?

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