Nora Roberts Challenge – Month 8

I started September nice and easy, and then I did a count of how many books I had remaining. Roughly 60 books left, and 4 months to do them in. I’m not worried so, settle in for a relaxing month of reading.

Shadows In Death

The newest JD Robb book came out, and I immediately snagged it. I promised myself I would slow down and read it gradually, make it last a while, so of course, I read it in about 18 hours – and it only took that long because I kept trying to not read another chapter. After the disappointment that was book 50 (not counting the novellas, of course), Nora Roberts found her footing again on this one. I loved it! Peeks into Roarke’s past, and the department showing their love for their LT and for Roarke (I love when the homicide department gets those moments!). Plus, just a touch of well-earned violence! This was amazing, and what a milestone book should have been. And then it was over and I was sad. Next book won’t be out until probably February or March!

Sign Of Seven Trilogy

This is one of my favorite trilogies, which is weird, because I don’t normally go for fantastical things, but this demon-centered story is really well-done. Basically, three men who have been friends since childhood have to save their town by stopping a demon they accidentally unleashed when they attempted to swear a blood oath on their tenth birthday. The novels are interesting, and you’ll really get to know and care about the characters – I always end up holding my breath a bit when Lump is in danger! Totally worth a read, and while it takes place in summer, it always gives off some fall vibes to me.

The Liar

I’ve read this before and think I’ve even reviewed it on here, but I was happy to dive into it again. It’s a good book. I wouldn’t rate it as best, but it’s definitely above average. A couple of characters came off a little…goody-goody, with no major flaws, which is always a little annoying, but all in all, it’s well-done. I particularly like that you can never really tell where the danger is coming from.

True Betrayals

This is an older novel, and it’s pretty great. You’ve got a recent murder tied to crimes from the past, estranged family, and horses (as a former horse girl…let’s be real, current horse girl, I love books that include them!). None of the characters are flawless, which is great, and they all contribute to the story in meaningful ways.

Angels Fall

I’ve read this book before, but it’s certainly been at least a decade, and at some point, I got it into my head that I didn’t like it. I was wrong. This book was pretty awesome. It’s a murder mystery, of course, and I spent most of the book vacillating between a couple of suspects (I was right, but it was luck – Roberts did a pretty good job of hiding the clues). I don’t love the main characters in this novel quite as much as I do in other books, but the secondary characters make up for that. It’s totally worth the time to read!

The Obsession

Somehow, I missed this one. This is one of the few novels Roberts writes that stretches over years, but she really nailed it. Each chunk of time covered matters greatly to the overall story, and by the end of the book, you’re cheering for the main character, her boyfriend, and her dog – who is such a good boy! There was some of the sass that I enjoyed in Angels Fall in this book, and I found pretty much all of the characters to be riveting and lovable. You’ll laugh, you’ll hold your breath, you’ll cheer – it’s an all-around winner.

The MacKade Brothers

I read this quartet simultaneously with The Obsession when my power went out – one was on my computer, and I fortunately had this series on my phone when my laptop ran out of juice. I almost always enjoy Roberts’ trilogies and such, but I had forgotten how much I like the MacKade brothers. Having never had siblings myself, the brotherly harassment entertains me greatly. Sure, there are actual storylines, and they’re great, I love them, but I think this series really shines for showing the brotherly relationship, and how they’ll mess with each other at any given moment, but will square up together against outsiders.

Treasures Lost, Treasures Found

This book was a dud. There was no excitement, no real story arc, nothing to keep me interested. For comparison, the MacKade quartet, it took me 24 hours to read all 4 books. This single book took me 2 days to get through. It was just boring. I won’t say it’s my least favorite necessarily, but it’s definitely right up there.

The Guardians Trilogy

I managed to squeeze this one in before the month ended. I’ve never seen a Nora Roberts book with mermaids before, and I really enjoyed how she wrote about them, but that was the highlight of the trilogy. The books aren’t bad, per se, they are just very very predictable, kind of…average. This trilogy is one to pass up, since she has others where the characters are more interesting or the plot is a little more unique. But I do hope she writes about mermaids in the future!

16 more books down! I’m coasting so far, and might actually pull this challenge off! I had my doubts at different points. It’ll be interesting at the end to see which books particularly stand out, and which books don’t. Check back next month for more!

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