Mother’s Day In The Time Of Coronavirus

Mother’s Day is coming up but it’s not looking promising that quarantine will be over. Since I was raised by a single mother, Mother’s Day has always been kind of an important holiday at my house, so I’m glad I’m in lockdown with M. Whether you’re together or apart, here’s how you make the holiday great!


The typical Mother’s Day meal is breakfast, and really, who doesn’t enjoy breakfast food? I’ll be cooking pancakes with fun toppings here, because M hardly ever convinces me to make them at the moment, and she loves them so much. With that, I’ll toss together some bellinis (one part fruit nectar – peach is the classic choice – to one part sparkling white wine). If you can’t be together, send the ingredients for bellinis to your mom, maybe with a pretty glass to drink them from, and have breakfast delivered. UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, and DoorDash are solid companies to start looking at options from. Particularly as restaurants try to survive the income, the range of places offering delivery is expanding right now.


If you’re not together, download the Netflix Party extension right now and send the link to Mom. It’s the simplest way to “watch” together, and you can even leave Skype on in the background so that you can talk about the movie as you watch. What to watch? Try movies about excellent mother-child relationships, like Mamma Mia (both parts!), Freaky Friday, Bad Moms (ok, not excellent relationships, but it’s really funny!), Dumplin’, and Stepmom.

You can also set up a chat on Houseparty or via Skype to play some games, like trivia or Heads Up. This is a particularly good option if you also have siblings who need to celebrate the day as well, as all of you can have fun with Mom together!


Well, you definitely have to get it shipped, and you need to order it now to head off any potential shipping delays, particularly because you can’t really rely on Amazon right now. I certainly admire their decision to focus on shipping essentials, but that doesn’t help you with a Mother’s Day gift! This is the time to surf the Etsy website.

I insist that you get your mother this shirt as a keepsake of a very unique year.

Mom Shirt Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day in image 0
Etsy – Symbolic Imports

Then consider a spa kit, a birthstone necklace, or my personal favorite, this letter blanket! It’s so thoughtful, especially when you take the time to write a letter, and it’s perfect for her to snuggle with in quarantine.

Love Letter Blanket: Personalized Mother's Day Gift Woven image 0
Etsy – FrankiePrint Co.

Make sure you take a little extra time to make this year very special – we’re all seeing just how many families learn that time is often too short, so make the most of what you have!

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  1. Our mother’s day in the UK was just after the lockdown started and it was definitely a weird one! I think most people who lived nearby their parents left presents on the doorstep.
    These are some awesome suggestions, I love the idea of delivering breakfast to them – a great way to treat mum from afar!

    1. It’s a small thing but I think it can really be a mood booster! I just ordered the mother’s day gifts for relatives back in the states, and I’m making arrangements to “spend time” with them.

  2. We’ve already had mother’s day here in the UK and it was a weird one. I had to get (order) a last minute small gift for my mum and postpone the main thing that was planned. We were going to take my nan for afternoon tea so I made her one at home, dropped it in the porch of her house then video called her so we could all have it together as a small gesture to make up for not being physically together x


  3. These are wonderful ideas! I know I would totally love a Netflix party. Simple drop off gifts and drive by is what we’ll do for my MIL. We are all going to have a lot of parties and events to make up for after all of this is over. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I had my Mothers day in isolation, my daughter her husband and one year old George came, they had a flip chart with glorious messages flowers and gifts all in the garden as we watched through tearsfrom behind the bifold doors. And to top it all off George stood up a and took his first wobbly steps to the door where he slobbered a kiss or ten, not to me but for our rescue dog Lilly who returned the licks with a wet nose pressed into the glass from one side to the other. I just cleaned the windows inside and out before they arrived. But it pained me to clean the love fromvthe glass. A very special isolation Mothersday gift. X

  5. I got my mom a teacup but not sure how I’ll get it to her now. I can always wrap it nicely and place it outside her door and then go back into the car. But these are all wonderful ideas!

    1. That’s a good idea to wrap it and leave it, and she’ll appreciate that you thought of doing so! Fill the teacup with hershey’s kisses since you can’t give her a hug right now!

  6. My mother is living with us, so I’m fortunate to be able to spend Mother’s Day with her.

    Maybe a special breakfast followed by the movie “Mother’s Day” will work. And, since my son also lives with me, it gives us an opportunity to make something special of the day too. Maybe he can make dinner and we can extend the party to the whole day.

    Thank you for your suggestions. I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t really thought about Mother’s Day until I read your post which I found as a result of the Blog post thread on Twitter! (I’m @Story_Teller there, by the way.)

    1. I’m lucky there too, that my mom lives with me, but my grandmother and aunt are not only not in the same house, but overseas! So I’m having to get creative. I’m glad you saw the post early enough to be able to do something!
      Having your son be a part of it and making it a whole day event is even better! People are under so much stress right now, a really special day can alleviate some of that.

  7. I am definitely sad that I haven’t had a chance to visit my mother recently (we usually head north around Easter and celebrate Mother’s Day at the same time), so we’re going to be looking into options to have something delivered as a surprise for her. I just need to do a little research to find out what my options are given they live out in the middle of nowhere… I know that most restaurants won’t deliver, but I’m sure there’s SOMETHING that I can find!

    1. If you go onto a local community site, you may also be able to find someone in the area who’s willing to pick something up and deliver – people are looking for ways to help others right now!

  8. In the UK our mothers day was during lockdown and I was lucky enough to be isolating at my family home so could share it with her however these are some great ideas for some birthdays during lockdown.

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