Movies Giving Me Wanderlust While I’m Locked Up At Home

I’m entering week 6 of quarantine here The urge to get out into the world is getting stronger. We’ve been watching a lot of t.v. and movies now, and some of them are making me want to book a flight. I thought I’d share my list so that all of you can suffer like I am!

Movies Giving Me Wanderlust While I'm Locked Up At Home

Girl’s Trip

Girls Trip - Movies Giving Me Wanderlust While I'm Locked Up At Home

I watched this movie on a whim. I’d never heard of it – it just showed up in my Netflix feed – but Queen Latifah? You can’t go wrong, and that held true once again. Girl’s Night was funny, inspiring, and just really, really well done. The movie takes place in New Orleans during the Essence Festival and really shows the best, most fun side of the city.

The Proposal

The Proposal - Movies Giving Me Wanderlust While I'm Locked Up At Home

This movie has long been one of my favorites, and those shots of Alaska? Stunning. I never got to visit Alaska, and I wish I had. While I’m not sure I have it in me to live up there (I’d try to pet a bear and I’d die…I think we’re all better off if we just admit to our faults), I’d love to visit and even camp and hike for a while. And if I met a Ryan Reynolds type up there…well, I’d be okay with that!

Last Holiday

Last Holiday - Movies Giving Me Wanderlust While I'm Locked Up At Home

Another favorite of mine (Queen Latifah, need I say more? Everything the woman touches turns to gold!), this movie demonstrates two different travel fantasies of mine. One, I absolutely want to visit the Czech Republic – there’s a lot of history there, stunning sights, it’s a dream of mine. The second fantasy is to stay in one of the top hotels in the world – and let that be the vacation. I’m normally a big fan of saving money on accommodations because you’re spending your time out in the city, but there’s an element of fun in a hotel vacation! I did it on the cruise – no excursions, just a week on the boat, and was never bored. I’d absolutely do it again, and to do it in a beautiful hotel, with a relaxing spa, and a top chef (who I’d absolutely want to befriend) – totally worth it.

Letters To Juliet

Letters To Juliet - Movies Giving Me Wanderlust While I'm Locked Up At Home

I’m a fan of Shakespeare, I’m a fan of Amanda Seyfried, I’m a fan of Italy – there’s nothing bad about this movie. I haven’t visited Verona yet, but I absolutely plan to, and I do want to see the actual wall where people write the letters. I think it’s just a beautiful, hopeful concept (one that melts even my cold, dead heart a little bit).


Blended - Movies Giving Me Wanderlust While I'm Locked Up At Home

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore tend to make a good movie couple, and this movie takes them to Africa. The animals, the sunsets, the crazy musicians! I have always thought I might possibly live in Africa, and this movie just makes me want to even more. I definitely plan on visiting – I’d love to see Kenya, but even more Uganda, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, and Egypt.



This movie came out when I was 13, and I think it’s the first thing I ever saw Johnny Depp in. It’s an absolutely beautiful film, and as someone who was getting pretty good at French, I loved the idea of living in a little French town, opening a chocolate shop, and just having the beautiful, peaceful life. Granted, I’m not cut out for it – I am just not nice enough for small towns – but this movie is just perfect. Whenever I get to visit France again, I’d like to spend more time in a small village to get a feel for life there – maybe it’s a good idea for a writer’s retreat weekend!

Do you have any movie recommendations for me? I’m running out of ideas over here!


    1. I’ll keep an eye out for your post! I need new movie suggestions – I think I’ve seen everything. (I’m exaggerating, but still.)

  1. These sound like brilliant films to escape with! I remember seeing Chocolat a long time ago, France is such a beautiful place. I’d love to see Blended, Africa sounds like an amazing destination with gorgeous scenery and fascinating animals. Thank you for sharing your recommendations, will have to check these out! My favourite film to escape with is Eat Pray Love. Have a lovely week <3 xx

    Bexa |

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