All The Virtual Fun To Be Had In Quarantine!

I’m entering week 5 of quarantine and Italy’s lockdown has already been extended to the 18th. I am not the most social person, but 5 weeks of not having left my house – it’s wearing on even me. I’ve been staying busy though, writing, reading working, and touring the world via my computer. Anyway, since my friends in the States are only two weeks or so into their own quarantine, I wanted to put together a list of resources I’ve enjoyed. Some can be done solo, some help you connect with friends, and some are for the whole family to enjoy. Have fun and stay home!


Landmarks And Historical Sites

Astronomy And Space Travel

Zoos And Aquariums

National Parks And Wildlife Preserves

Theme Parks

Travel Destinations

Exercise Classes

Creative Classes

Cooking Classes

Escape Rooms

Professional And College Classes

Theatre And Music

TV And Movies

Games And Websites


Bored People At Home

That ought to help keep you occupied for a good long time! Some things, like the animal live cams, are great for checking back in because you’ll see different things each time, while others are a one-off. Have fun and stay safe!

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  1. These are some great suggestions! I made a similar list for my moms blog and I love how many companies, attractions and people are making these things available for us to enjoy.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’ll check out your list! I do love how many resources have become available – it’s inspiring to see all these companies and such banding together during this. Reminds me of NYC after 9/11.

  2. 5 weeks is definitely rough–I think we’re on day…16-18(? I’m honestly not sure anymore), but definitely wouldn’t mind suggestions on things to do when I’m not working! Thanks so much for putting this list together!

    1. I’ve been making sure I do one social thing a day (contact a family member or friend), one fun thing, one work thing, one blog thing, and one learning thing a day. That’s helped me not turn into a puddle of goo in front of the tv. We’ve got probably at least another month here, so I’ve had to figure out how to do this for the long haul! Good luck and stay positive. And check back in – I’ll be sharing other tips and resources for getting through this!

  3. Wow! What a treasure trove of goodies! Thank you so much for all the wonderful resources. This should keep me busy for a while. Excellent!

    1. They’re so fun. I was watching a panda cam yesterday and a baby panda just…rolled right off a platform (he was fine!).

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  5. Ah, I love a good list – and this is a good list! I wonder if when life returns to normal we’ll still make time for these virtual tours. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    1. I hope so – it’s a great way to “travel” or have a new experience, even when money is tight or life is too busy.

  6. What a great list of things to keep you busy during this lockdown time! I am definitely finding more time for other things during this time. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I think staying busy can help everyone deal with the upheaval a little better! Plus, it’s fun to get to see some of this stuff, even if it is virtually. I’ve been having a blast watching people get creative at home, recreating DisneyWorld or whatever!

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