A Girl Power Playlist For Women’s History Month

For Women’s History Month, I thought it would be fun to share some of the girl power songs I’m into at the moment. Because sometimes, we just need a reminder to stay up. This month’s been hard that way for me, between the end of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign and the quarantine from the Coronavirus (it’s pretty depressing – I’m not all that social most of the time, but knowing I can’t go into town if I want to is maddening!), but blasting some music can help me brighten my mood again – at least a little bit.

Woman – Kesha

If you need to be reminded of the joys of female independence, turn this song on and dance it out. Kesha once again nails it and her songs are almost always about feeling good. So glad she’s back in the studio!

Not Your Barbie Girl – Ava Max

I am loving Ava Max lately – her voice is great, she can dance, and her lyrics tend to be very strong and feminist. She is just all about being who you are, and being fine with that, something I’ve been working on since high school.

Good As Hell – Lizzo

Is there anything not to love about Lizzo? She’s gorgeous, body positive, ridiculously talented (have you heard her belts!?), and she just seems like she would be the coolest person to hang with. I like that this song embraces the feminine activities that we may love without letting them be for a man.

Queen – Loren Gray

I like this song – it’s kind of got a darker tone to it, the video is cool, and Loren Grey is a hidden gem.

Fight Like A Girl – Kaylie Shorr

This song was for the Suffragettes soundtrack, and while the movie was…fine (which was disappointing in itself), the song rocks. On those days when I feel like I’m a bit weak, it reminds me to find my strength again.

Confident – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato always produces good songs, and Confident is no exception. Plus, the video is great, particularly when she and Michelle Rodriguez turn on the people who manipulated them.

Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld

I’m sure every woman hears me when I say that far, far too often, we’re told we need a husband to find fulfillment and happiness. I don’t know how many times family and friends decided I was unhappy because I was single. Generally, I’m not – I’m unhappy because that person is being a pain in my…anyway, this song is all about loving yourself.

Woman’s World – Cher

Cher is basically the ultimate girl power musical artist. I absolutely adore this song. After decades of hearing how it’s a man’s world, it’s nice to hear a different side to the story.

If these songs don’t make you feel strong – and put you in the mood to dance – nothing will!

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