Books I Read – September 2019

Another month, another stack of books. I’ve been working a lot this month, but I’ve also had a lot of internet issues, so I read while I waited for pages to load. We’ve also done some day trips this month – Lecce a few times and Bari, so that’s been fun. We think in October, we’re going to visit Monopoli, and maybe aim for Gallipoli or Porto Cesario. Anyway, read on for my book opinions for September!

Books I Read - September 2019

Luckiest Girl Alive – Jessica Knoll

Wow. There are a lot of elements to this book, a lot of plotlines that dovetail neatly together. It was definitely a good read. It covers a lot of topics that keep appearing and reappearing in the news nowadays, and Knoll did so with grace. You understand the protagonist’s point of view, her concerns…this was a powerful book and you should definitely read it.

The Constant Princess – Philippa Gregory

Another re-read. This is always good, and I think a fairly accurate take on Catherine of Aragon. It’s an easy, relatively light book, but it’s still interesting, particularly if you’re a Tudor fan, particularly if, like me, you find it hard to believe that Catherine’s first marriage was never consummated.

Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick

Ok, I already liked Anna Kendrick – I always find her roles funny and sarcastic and just a bit awkward, and her memoir just makes it apparent that those qualities are all actually part of her personality. The book has some completely random anecdotes, which are funny, but it also provides a really good picture of what it’s like to be a rising star in Hollywood, particularly when you’re not perfectly adjusted and confident, which really, who is that secure in themselves? This was a great, light read and if you are looking for something to improve your mood, I’d recommend it.

300 Creative Writing Prompts – Hailey West

OK, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year, but I have no ideas. Or had. Anyway, I’ve been reading some writing prompts, general fiction writing books, and the like, looking for some form of inspiration. This book(let – it’s very short) is literally just prompt after prompt, but it had some good things in there. Everything is general enough that while it would be hard to use one prompt for a whole novel, you’re likely to get some inspiration. Between this and the next book, I ended up free-writing a three page summary on a story idea. I’m not sure it’s the one I will end up writing, but it’s the first plot idea I felt any sort of real connection to at this point. If you’re a writer, I’d recommend grabbing this book for your writing shelf. If you get blocked, it’s easy enough to find some sort of prompt that can help you move forward.

The Write Ideas Creative Writer’s Toolkit – Kate Krake

The other writing book that led to my three page stream-of-consciousness. This is another good book for writers to own. The prompts are broken down by genre (101 each!), but I ignored that reading them because, while I don’t write Sci-Fi or Fantasy ever, I may still find inspiration from the prompt – and I did. Again, this book had good prompts and is definitely something that will help you through a bout of writer’s block (we all get it!).

1000 Creative Writing Prompts – Bryan Cohen

This book isn’t worth it – at least not for me. It has a lot of prompts, and if you’re just looking to journal, it has some good ideas, but none of it seems to be unique, and very few prompts are good for fiction. Don’t waste time or money on this one.

Something In The Water – Catherine Steadman

Steadman’s writing style is impressive. The plot moves along calmly, almost numbly, but there’s always this ominous feel hanging over you. My heart beat faster at parts, and I might have trouble going to sleep…It was very good, and though parts were slow, it never felt boring. By the end of it, I hadn’t read the storyline I thought I was going to read, and the book was amazing. Absolutely read this!

Stephanie Plum/ By The Numbers Series – Janet Evanovich

I realized I was a few books behind, so I started from the beginning with One For The Money and got through Top Secret Twenty-One (skipping the special holiday editions so far). I always love this series. It’s light-hearted, literally makes me laugh out loud at parts, and has some elements of NJ that I recognize. I am 100% Team Ranger. If you haven’t already read these, you should.

It’s been a good month for the most part, especially reading-wise – I squeezed in a fair amount of books. I’m trying to blog more, and I will keep working at it, but I’ve got to build some sort of a better routine, and I’m struggling! Forgiveness, please!

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