I Am Loving Pantone’s Fall Colors!

Ok, you know I like to do moodboard type things around Pantone’s colors. It’s all very type-a: clear guidelines, a little structured creativity. I know, I’m odd. But anyway, this fall, the colors are really nice. A bit brighter than normal, but I liked that as I put together some outfit ideas.

Biking Red + Peach Pink

Fall Outfit 2019: Biking Red+ Peach Pink | Midsummer Life Dream
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I think burgundy is always popular in the fall. I like pairing this peach with it, because I’m normally one who shies away from pink and red combinations, but the peach is just neutral enough to fit well. I figure this is an outfit I could easily run errands or walk the dog in – comfortable boots, a nice and light sweater, and nothing too fancy.

Evening Blue + Paloma

Fall Outfit 2019 Evening Blue + Paloma | Midsummer Life Dream
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Ok, I could’ve gone a bit more adventurous, but these are about my two favorite colors. I adore navy blue and it goes with everything, and this light, kind of dove gray has long been a favorite neutral of mine. I did go for the bright pink gloss because it adds some visual interest and mimics a different Pantone fall color, but this outfit is something I will absolutely be wearing to curl up with a good book. It’s just nice and cozy – plus, it will work well into the winter.

Rocky Road + Dark Cheddar + Guacamole

Fall Outfit 2019: Rocky Road+Dark Cheddar+ Guacamole | Midsummer Life Dream
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Ok, is that yellow or orange? I can’t decide. Regardless, this is very far from my comfort zone (tights, cropped sweater, two bright colors, ORANGE!! Not the houndstooth plaid, that is totally me), but I kind of love it, and now I have to find an orange top. Words I never thought I’d say/type. I feel like this is a good outfit for coffee with friends, maybe walking through a museum, something like that.

Ok, so that’s my fashion input for autumn. I think the key to style is enjoy the trends, but using timeless pieces rather than buying things you only get to wear once. And everything here can be recycled for new color palettes and trends.

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