Embrace Your Inner Kid

It’s Be A Kid Day, so I thought it would be fun to list some activities you used to love and should do again, or update them to better suit more grown-up tastes. Try squeezing these into your schedule – even the busiest person needs to have fun sometimes!

Embrace Your Inner Kid

Eat Like A Kid


Let’s be honest. There are foods we loved as kids but rarely or never eat as an adult, and there are foods that we used to love but our taste buds have outgrown. Really, though – as a kid, how often do you actually love a food for its taste? You love it because it’s fun. So today, cook up some old favorites. Grilled cheese becomes adult-worthy with brie cheese and thinly sliced apples. As for the classic PBJ, my vote is to just make the sandwich (I still eat them and I’m not a bit sorry for it!) but if you want something a bit classier, try this peanut butter cake with strawberry glaze. Exchange the overprocessed Lunchables for Hillshire Farms’ Small Plates Packs, which are the same thing but with better cheese. (This post isn’t sponsored – these were just super handy to get for M as midday snacks, and she loved them! And I often tried to steal her cheese.)

Play Laser Tag Or Paintball


I can’t even remember the last time I played laser tag, but I do know it was fun. It’s one activity that everyone can enjoy, plus you can justify it as your workout for the day. Grab some friends, hit an arcade or paintball field, and start shooting at each other! It’s some serious stress relief and a great way to forget you’re supposed to be an adult now.

Marathon Some Favorite Movies


Now this works best with teen movies, which are somewhat more likely to hold up over time, but Disney has put out some awesome movies too. For kids’ movies, I’m sharing my recommendations along with fun themed cocktails you might enjoy.

If you decide to put on some teen movies, I recommend Clueless which has held up to the test of time. Other favorites are 10 Things I Hate About You, The Breakfast Club, and Easy A.

Return To Summer Camp


Did you know summer camp for adults was a thing? Now, granted, I only went to summer camp once as a kid, and I hated it, but the adult version sounds pretty fun! Go for any length of time, from a day to a week, and engage in activities from kickball to sailing. Some camps are traditional in their activities, but if you have specific issues, there’s plenty of niche camps as well, like Epic Nerd Camp, where you can pretend to be a wizard. And at the end of the day, kick back with a cocktail and daily parties.

Hit An Adult Playground


Yet another market I was unaware existed until recently. Across the U.S., businesses are popping up inviting adults to come and play. They may feature swings, slides, or other equipment, but there’s no shortage of options. You can even find adult ball pits! Just pick your favorite childhood activity and look around. I really like Dig This in Las Vegas, where you get to pretend you’re a construction worker and play with big machines!

Visit A Children’s Museum (Or The Zoo Or The Aquarium…)


You’re never too old for museums and zoological parks. And nowadays, most places have adult-only nights where you can engage in kid-like wonder with other people your own age. The Smithsonian Zoo, for instance, offers adult sleepovers, where you can curl up in a sleeping bag near the lions and tigers after a behind-the-scenes tour of the entire park. It’s really interesting, and you’ll remember how you felt the first time you saw such exotic animals up close.

Adulting is hard – I can certainly vouch for that, and I’m terrible at self-care. But these activities should remind you what it feels like to let stress go for a few hours and just enjoy life!

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