Things You Need For A New Kitten (Or Cat!)

It’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, so I hope everyone is thinking of adopting – if you’re ready and willing to take care for a cat or kitten! If you do want to adopt, you may be wondering what are the best products you need to set your house up for a new pet, so I put together a list of my favorite things. These are all tested and approved by my own cats, so you can trust that this is a good use of your money.

Gizmo and Thoth - Midsummer Life Dream
Gizmo and Thoth approved of this list!

Food Bowls

Cat Food Bowls - Midsummer Life Dream Recommended

First thing is you have to feed the cat. There’s two ways to go on food bowls. I tend to prefer automatic feeders, because my cats are free-fed, but if your cat gets scheduled meals, I recommend a raised bowl. I like this one because it’s cute, but also it comes with four bowls, in case you do wet and dry. I’ve used it for when I’m giving my cats a special treat, or when I’ve had a sick cat who is getting fed separately.

Litter Box

Rolling Litterbox - Midsummer Life Dream Recommends

I am a huge fan of the rolling litterboxes. For one, they’re nice and big, and since I have big cats, I am grateful for that space. Second, they are super easy to keep clean. Once or twice a day, just roll them so all of the waste falls into the drawer, dump the drawer, and top up the litter if needed. Once a month or so, completely dump them, wash them, and start fresh. It really can’t be easier. I’ve had better luck with these than I have with automatic litterboxes, or the kind you scoop. Also, invest in a Litter Genie – you won’t regret it when it keeps the smell to a minimum, and you can find the bags for super cheap in bulk. I normally get a year to a year and a half’s worth at a time.

Scratching Post

Cat Tree - Midsummer Life Dream Recommends

So you can get a small scratching post, and it will do the job, but I strongly recommend investing in one of the big cat trees. It’s more stimulating for the cat, which not only makes him/her more inclined to use the tree, but it keeps them from getting into other trouble. A couple of hiding spots and dangly toys go a long way. The major setback on these is the price for something that’s going to be destroyed, but my advice? Invest, and when it gets ratty, buy some cheap berber carpet from Home Depot and use that to recover it. It’s really easy to rejuvenate these!

Grooming Supplies

Furminator - Midsummer Life Dream Recommends

You need a grooming kit. Get a little tackle box to keep stuff in, so you don’t lose it. Start with a Furminator – I love it because it helps reduce shedding on even the hairiest cat. They even have a vacuum attachment if your cat will go for that. You’ll also need nail clippers – I recommend the guillotine style, as I find it easier to aim and not quik the cat. If your cat is a big scratcher, try Soft Claws – they’re caps that fit over the nails to prevent scratching without declawing. When I worked at the vet, we used to put these on a number of our clients, and they worked excellent. You just glue them on, and replace them once a month. Easy, painless, and no surgery required.

Cat Toys

Catit Cat Toy - Midsummer Life Dream Recommends

I recommend Catit toys. They have a lot of options, they’re well made, and all of them are designed to keep your cat stimulated. A stimulated cat is a happy cat!


For collars, I ALWAYS recommend Lupine Pet. Their products are well made, adorable, and they offer a lifetime guarantee. So when your cat scratches or damages the collar – which will definitely happen – they will replace the collar for free. You can also pick up a cat harness and leash, if you want to try walking your cat.

I think that will get you started while you learn about your new friend – if you adopt (or already live with a cat), send me pictures! I’d love to see!

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