8 Books I Want To Read This Summer

So it’s summertime and that means we all need some books to read at the beach, laying out in the sun, or in my case, when I’m avoiding gardening chores. There’s some new releases this year that I’m dying to read, and I thought you might like them too.

The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient

A woman shoots her husband, then refuses to talk about anything – her motivations, her criminal defense, anything. The criminal psychotherapist working with her has to figure out the entire story.

This seems so interesting to me. I kind of think it will be similar to Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, where the story comes out in small bits, while you also get to see the psychological damage both of whatever happened, and the response of others to someone not speaking.

Give Me Your Hand – Megan Abbott

8 Books I Want To Read This Summer - Give Me Your Hand

Kit and Diane were best friends growing up, and Kit is the only person who knows what Diane did. That very secret killed their friendship, and Diane knows a secret about Kit that could kill her career now.

I seem to be really into thrillers lately, because I’m dying to read yet another one. Mysterious secrets, a ruined friendship, what’s not to love about this? I’ve never read Megan Abbott before, so I don’t know what to expect, but this may be a great book to see if I enjoy her writing.

Girl, Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis

8 Books I Want To Read This Summer - Girl Stop Apologizing

A personal growth book for women, it will supposedly motivate you to stop defining yourself in terms of other people and stop the trained behaviors typical to women, like apologizing, or accommodating. It also looks like it may address imposter syndrome,and basically growing in a patriarchal world.

I primarily read fiction books, but I think this could be really good, so I’m excited to try it. My goal is to branch out, and read more personal growth, because let’s be real – we all can improve. I want to be constantly developing to be better, so expect to see this book on my Books I Read list in the near future.

Circe – Madeline Miller

8 Books I Want To Read This Summer - Circe

This is a retelling of the Greek myth of Circe, daughter of Helios, enemy of Zeus (because, really, what woman isn’t?). She was a witch and a strong woman (so often those two things go hand in hand, don’t they?) trying to survive in a world of men and gods.

History, mythology, feminism in the form of a bad-ass woman…this may be my perfect book. I actually haven’t read mythology for a few years now – I keep telling myself I’ll re-read some, and then don’t – so I’m really excited for a book that will motivate me to get back to it. I hope the author does Circe justice.

The Last Resort – Marissa Stapley

8 Books I Want To Read This Summer - The Last Resort

Several couples get stranded at a marriage retreat on the Mayan Riviera, including the married marriage counselors. As a result of the close quarters, secrets will come to light and everyone will need to adjust.

This book is touted as a thriller version of the movie Couple’s Retreat, which I find interesting since I liked the movie. I also loved visiting the Mayan Riviera (I hope to go back some day, it was so amazing). This really seems like it would be the perfect beach read, so if I make it out to the Ostuni beach this summer, I’ll have to make sure to remember this one.

The Gifted School – Bruce Holsinger

The Gifted School

A novel covering the topics of competition in academics, helicopter parents, and how the parents’ antics affect the kids. This book is particularly timely, considering the recent college admissions scandal (Lori Laughlin, I’m looking at you).

After reading Acceptance earlier this year, I am really interested in this book. I was fortunate – my mother wanted me to do well in school, to participate in activities, to score high on my tests, but she never once put any of that before my own happiness, and certainly never did anything unethical. Since these books generally are inspired by actual news articles, it’s wild to me what other people will do.

Three Women – Lisa Taddeo

8 Books I Want To Read This Summer - Three Women

This book is a nonfiction story of three women and their sex lives, and how those lives play into the greater struggle for feminism. Each woman is in an unhealthy or unhappy relationship, and the writer explores what led them there, despite their own conflicting desires.

I am a feminist. I know that some see “western feminism” as superficial, that worrying about seemingly minor issues seems ridiculous compared to child marriage or female genital mutilation, but all of it needs to be addressed. And let’s be honest…women compromise and make decisions against their own wishes to be accepted into society or because we don’t think there’s a better option. We’re blamed for our bad relationships and mocked for holding out for better ones. I think this book might really make me (and you) re-evaluate our ingrained view of things.

The Testaments – Margaret Atwood

The Testaments

Margaret Atwood follows up on The Handmaid’s Tale, telling what happened 15 years after Offred climbs into a van.

The Handmaid’s Tale was an amazing book, and in today’s political climate, I think we all need the followup. I can’t wait to find out what happened, and how Atwood has connected the novel to our current situation.

So there’s my reading list. Have you read any of these or do you have any books you’re excited about?

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