Pets To Follow On Social Media

Hey, it’s Pet Appreciation Week this week! I love my pets, even when they drive me nuts, and can’t imagine not having animals around. I’ve even thought of starting a Youtube channel for Dakota, because I’ve seen other canine Youtube stars,but then the thought of trying to film him…well, when he gets excited, he tends to punch, so I just don’t think it would work. Anyway, I wanted to share some animal social media accounts you should follow, because these are some AWESOME pets!

Thoughts of Dog

This is probably my absolute favorite by a narrow margin. From the creators of the We Rate Dogs twitter account (also awesome – check it out!) comes this peek into the mind of a dog. With misspelled words and too many periods, it’s fun to read and the tweets can be sweet, funny, or inspiring.

Tucker Budzyn

This golden retriever is hilarious! You can see the attitude written all over his face as his mom (lazy Linda!!!) bothers him in various ways. His videos have actually made M vow to never get a golden because she would give him everything he ever wants – it’s the eyes that would do her in. Some videos are overworked, but most are pretty funny!

Maya Polar Bear

This samoyed does a lot of ASMR videos so if you need something soothing, Maya’s your girl. Plus, she looks like a teddy bear! I particularly enjoy her taste tests, but her Youtube channel has a variety of different videos.


I don’t spend a lot of time on Instagram, but Pumpkin is adorable. Pets aren’t always dogs or cats – and while you shouldn’t turn a wild animal into a pet just because, sometimes things happen. Pumpkin’s pictures are adorable (the blueberry one is my new favorite) and you can clearly tell she’s loved!


I seem to really like unusual pets on Instagram. Jill is a squirrel rescued during Hurricane Issac who wasn’t re-releasable and instead found a permanent home with her human family. She’s always doing cute things or wearing a flower in her…ear. Who isn’t going to smile at a fancy squirrel?

Follow one or all of these accounts to brighten your days a bit. Do you have any other pet account recommendations for me?

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