Spring Outfits for 2019

Have you seen Pantone’s Spring/Summer mood board? There’s some great colors on there. This year, the idea was to pick uplifting and energizing colors, and they nailed it.

Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report New York Spring/Summer 2019
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I thought it would be fun to use these colors to come up with some perfect spring outfits, so check out what I put together!

For Work

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Is there a combination that says SPRING more than yellow and green? Granted, this suit from NYandCo is paler than the Aspen Gold that Pantone chose, but I think the effect is the same. Pair it with some olive green and go a bit smoky on the eyes with a green twist. I also loved the look of these two necklaces for a delicate but final touch.

For Dates

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Ok, the pale pink is very spring, but I love the idea of the bold red with it, and this dress really does tie it together. Makeup wise, I think this looks best with a fresh, clean, petal-pink look, but that’s your call. Otherwise, this dress is to-die-for!

For Errands

Outfit Set

This just looks so comfortable to me. The crisp green, the off-white/beige neutral, I feel like this outfit looks like you put effort into your appearance, without being annoying as you run around town. Plus, you could throw your hair up in a bun and use the scarf as a headband!

Can you tell there’s probably going to be some green entering my wardrobe this year? What do you think? What colors are you loving for this spring?

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