Who Am I? What’s Next (Pt. 3)

So in January, I took some personality tests to see how accurate they were and to learn more about myself, hopefully, and in February, I did the same with my astrological sign and my Chinese horoscope. The results were certainly intriguing, but now it’s time for the next step. I’ve been researching how to use my personality test results to improve my life and myself, and I’ve pulled out some of those recommendations to try. My current plan is to try them over the next month and see what works for me, if anything, and what doesn’t. Then I can repeat with my zodiac sign. I don’t know for sure if anything will come from it, but it will be fun to find out.


To really evaluate the results, I feel like I should have a few loose goals or areas of improvement to focus on, although I’m not letting this limit what hacks I choose.

  • Improve my self-discipline
  • Improve my interpersonal communication and my social relationships

DISC Hacks

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If you remember, my DISC personality assessment results claimed that I was “The Winner”, meaning that I am a big picture person, who enjoys problem-solving, but can come across as cold. (Cold is used to describe me a lot. Someone just the other day told me I was “cold” and it kind of freaked them out. And since my first instinct is to say a derisive “wimp”, they might not be wrong.)

I actually couldn’t find any “hacks” based on my DISC profile, which I’m not super surprised by, because I found this test to be one of the least accurate anyway. Moving on…

Enneagram Hacks

In the Enneagram results, I was Type 5, also known as the Investigator, with a primary wing type of 9 – the Peacemaker, and secondary wing of 6 – the Loyalist. When I took the test, I found these results really accurate, possibly the most accurate of the tests I took. The general summary was that I’m intellectual, introverted, loyal, anxious, and in possession of a strong moral code, but have a tendency to come off as detached and…well, cold.

Enneagram T5 Development

The Enneagram Institute has information about development for the various types. They also list addictions and recommended growth.

Under Addictions, it says that I may have trouble sleeping and eating, and a lack of physical exercise, all of which are true for me and all of which I’d love to improve. To improve, I’m supposed to:

  • keep track of when I start going to far into my head (I can note it through journaling in my planner)
  • find healthy ways to maintain my calm, like meditation and yoga (I do yoga, but I’d like to do more of it)
  • ask for advice when making decisions
  • put myself in new extroverted situations
  • try setting aside private time each week to work on financial budgeting and make that time as enjoyable as possible; also journal about financial matters
  • Carefully schedule my days to improve productivity

Myers Briggs Hacks

I’m an INTJ woman, which is rare, and they/we are generally ostracized because we don’t fit society’s views of femininity. Basically, we’re – you guessed it! – cold. We’re analytical, perfectionistic, intellectually curious, but we’re also overcritical and not great with emotions. Things I can do to improve include:

  • focusing on a person’s body language and attitude before talking to them, so that I can assess their goals and emotions about the topic
  • assess the reasons behind my judgements; for instance, am I judging because I’m trying to find fault or have I really attempted to understand?


I think these are attainable adjustments to try out, and I’m hoping they will work for me. I figure I’ll try them for a month, and track what I liked and didn’t, as well as what seemed to work or didn’t. Check back in next month for updates!


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