Who Am I? Personality According To Astrology, Part 2

So one thing I want to do this year is really take a look at who I am from a variety of perspectives and try to use that knowledge to improve my life. Last month, I took personality tests, and this month, I wanted to play with astrology. Now, I know that there isn’t much (if any) scientific backing for astrology, but I know a lot of people whose zodiac sign fits them to a T…and I find it interesting. I figure it can’t hurt.

When I started playing with this, I figured I would just be doing the traditional zodiac (I’m a Virgo), but it quickly evolved into something more complex. For one thing, I ended up having a birth chart done. Those things go in depth!

Virgo in General

Planet: Mercury
Gems: Agate, jasper
Colors: Beige, brown
Body Parts: Digestive System, intestines

Virgos are calculating and analytical, with a tendency to over-analyze.  They are strong in precision and logic, thoughtful, and hate being the center of attention.  Worriers who wish to be useful, they sometimes get too deep in the details.  They can be sensitive, but may also be too set in their ways – however, that doesn’t negate that they are always there for people they care about. Virgos are typically honest, intelligent, and reliable, with perfectionist, demanding, and judgemental tendencies and are unlikely to ask for help.

Apparently, Virgos also have a way with words – they are good at essays, speeches, or presentations, and many go on to find a career in communication fields – this supposedly comes from being ruled by the planet Mercury.  You may recall the Roman God Mercury was the messenger.  They are deeply rooted in the tangible world.

They are sensitive, although they come off as cold.  It takes a long time for a Virgo to trust someone enough to open up more.  Additionally, when they are emotionally hurt, they tend to cycle the issue on repeat, which does not help to get over it.  This is also true for social ineptitude – Virgos want to be right, so they tend to be nervous in new situations, and any mistakes they make weigh on them.

In my opinion, this is fairly accurate for me.  As I said last month, I do tend to over-analyze, as well as come off cold.  I’ve always been strong in language, and wanted to be a writer my whole life.  I’m certainly not comfortable in new situations because I don’t know what to do – that’s come out a lot in Italy.  I try to hold down a conversation, but if I make a mistake in pronunciation or choose the wrong word, I get flustered and have more trouble, often switching among languages.  Super fun.  Some of it is improved by just powering through, but you have to really want it to do that.  Italy – worth it.  A night out with new people – not always.

My Birth Chart

Then we have my complete birthchart.  The idea behind a birthchart is that the alignment of the planets at the exact time of your birth contains factors that affect your personality.  I was born at 3:24 a.m.  Now you can get even more complex than below, with meteors and how the shapes the planets form affect it, but I think this is good enough to get a pretty clear picture.

Rising Sign – 3º Leo (external experience)

Supposedly, this means I like to be the center of attention, and to appear strong and confident (not true on the first, true on the second).  I hate to let others down.  It’s possible that I prove my self-worth through the possession of material things, which leads me to be an impulsive spender, even though I seek financial stability.  I can be loud, and ironically, may have an obsession with my hair (huh, oddly specific and accurate).  The birth chart states I may have temper tantrums and make rash decisions, but generally stay out of trouble.

Moon – 8º Capricorn (inner emotions)

A Capricorn Moon means that I’m likely to be externally cool, regardless of how emotional I am inside, although I am prone to mood swings and “dark emotions”.  I am serious and shy, and like animals.  Career-wise, I’m likely to prefer a position with plenty of variety in my duties.  It is unlikely that I ever got swept away by romance.  This is actually pretty accurate.  Some, I would even say, is eerily specific and accurate.

Mercury – 22º Virgo (communication)

So the location of Mercury is supposed to describe a person’s communication habits and their “logical spirit”. For me, Mercury is in 22º Virgo.

Communication wise, it means I like to share ideas, and am interested in reading, debating, and learning. I can be talkative about ideas and things I learned, more so than other topics. I supposedly reason logically and accurately, and like to analyze and research new information. Because I enjoy learning about anything, my attention span can be short. I also am likely to contradict and disagree with someone just for fun, while lacking any sort of diplomatic skill.

On the logical side, my automatic reaction to issues is to organize the information I have, analyze it, and research a solution. As a result, I’m likely to feel like I handle issues better than others. I’m supposed to be great at multitasking, thorough and efficient, with an eye for detail.

Other things noted were a strong tendency to move frequently – to change careers, to change living situations. And of course, a tendency to be overcritical, primarily of myself, causing severe nerves in many situations.

…wow, that’s surprisingly accurate. There’s actually nothing there I can disagree with. While I don’t love some of it – I resent the idea that I move a lot – I can’t deny it. I lived in NC for 10 years, the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere my entire life, and I changed housing situations three times in that time period. And worked four different jobs. And considered other moves out of state. And then moved to Italy.

I do think I’m good in an emergency or a difficult situation, because I take the information I have and try to make the best decision possible, taking any emotions out of it as much as possible. I think it’s worked for me – I was able to track and make decisions for family members in the hospital, I have been able to fight question and debate with experts if I had questions or concerns (and there are a couple of doctors out there who can vouch for that, although they would probably prefer to never have heard of me) (Side note: I was not debating with them because I think I know more than their medical degree, I was…questioning because I felt they were ignoring specifics of the situation. And in both cases, I was right. And I have good doctors who back me up on that.)

And based on all my parentheses and thinly veiled frustration, I MIGHT be a bit overcritical. Hmm…

Venus – 13º Virgo (beauty, love, and money)

Financially, Venus’s position seems to mean that I am bad with money, in that if I have it, I spend it, mostly on things related to aesthetics (clothes, makeup, home decor…)

This is a true statement, and it’s something I want to work on.

As far as love, it’s more complex. On the one hand, I’m shy, insecure, overly critical, and can come off as cold. I tend to be undemonstrative in typical ways – holding hands, PDA, and so forth. The birth chart goes so far as to say that these qualities lead to break-ups. Then it continues on to say that I may have jealous tendencies. I strongly disagree with the latter sentences. First of all, I instigated nearly every break-up. And I think I have been jealous in a relationship once, and I solved that cleanly and efficiently. I simply don’t see the point in jealousy – you trust your partner or you don’t, and if you don’t, you shouldn’t be together. It’s the same reason I’ve never cheated – if I’m considering cheating, I should probably end the relationship because it’s clearly not right. And as I type that, I can really see the “cold” and “unfeeling” and “overly critical”. Hmph.

On the other hand, it says that I’m likely to express my love or affection by doing things for the other person, often small things to make everyday life easier, things that get overlooked. I have strong, uncompromising values. I am unlikely to jump into relationships, preferring to move a bit slower. I’m more likely to be attracted to nondescript and overlooked people. I think all of this is true. I have ended relationships, or more commonly, refused to begin a relationship because I felt our values were diametrically opposed. I don’t think I’ve ever left a relationship and immediately entered another – I think it’s important to have time in between to sort yourself out. And I have dated a lot of people who are not typically popular for romantic affection. And they’ve been great people. I think it’s important to date the people who seem unlikely to be a good match based on interests or appearance – you might be surprised.

As far as more…personal affection, regardless of my generally icy demeanor, I am passionate and bold! I’m just gonna leave that there.

It finished with a prediction:

She will learn how to be happy in love, to be at ease with herself and to control her jealousy in the second half of her life, thanks to an older person, who gives her self-confidence back to her, so she can then trust others.

I’ll be curious to see if that comes true.

Mars – 7º Virgo (spirit, ambition, and conflict)

Mars is about how I actually do things as opposed to how I hope to do things. While I hope to be practical, logical, ambitious, and disciplined, this tends to translate into being overly critical, a fair amount of nervous energy, and taking on too much. I work hard, but can be particular about how I do things. While I hope to save money and be responsible, the birth chart claims that I may still be impulsive with spending, and somewhat obsessed with material things.

It also states I defend my values strongly, like to overcome obstacles, am tough, and have few feelings. And that I like water and odd people. Well, that’s all true. I actually have a lot of feelings but I don’t think I display all of them. I do have a spending problem, and after getting rid of most of my material things to move to Italy, I have learned that I was definitely more attached than I thought (my poor shoes!). And I like water, in the sense that I like to be out on boats, and I’m hoping to take scuba lessons soon, and odd people tend to be interesting.

Jupiter – 29º Aries (fortune, philosophy, and spirituality)

This section said I am rarely satisfied with my achievements, will go to considerable effort to please partners, even to the point of financial ruin, and will be disappointed in love. I’m going to say true, somewhat true, not true at all to the financial ruin, and why, yes, I am disappointed in love. Mostly because it annoys me 80% of the time. Men can be so needy.

Saturn – 14º Sagittarius (use of time, experiences, and challenges)

only accept ideas after research and examination
skilled in planning, administrating, and organizing
She has her own way of thinking about a subject, she has her own ideas about things. She respects society and its rules guide her conduct.
Weaknesses: hard, unforgiving, rigorous, insensitive and sometimes inhuman. A limited and narrow mind.
She likes method, calculation, concentration. She is not drawn towards amusements, or pleasure in general. She has few friends, but has deep and sincere feelings. She is serious in everything.
She knows how to be on top of the situation. She perseveres, is determined but ingenious and original. She is very practical. She proceeds slowly, but is always bound to achieve her objectives in the end.

These planets are getting really repetitive. Saturn claims I respect authority and support laws. and that I only accept ideas after researching them thoroughly. I can be unforgiving, insensitive, and have a narrow mind. I have few friends and tend to be serious, and am on top of every situation through perseverance and determination.

I don’t disagree with most of this, but I resent the idea of having a narrow mind! Then I worried that I do have a narrow mind, but you know what? I don’t. I have my beliefs which I have researched and tested and contemplated. And if someone else has different beliefs, I am more than happy to listen to what they have to say. Then I will tell them why they are wrong, using facts, sources, and logic. If I can’t tell them why they are wrong, then I need to do research and find out why they are wrong for future knowledge or change my own opinion. And it’s happened. Not often, because seriously, if I have a superpower, it’s researching things. (Remember before when I talked about doctors I’d debated with? I was pulling out medical papers and things that they were shocked I’d found. I’ve traced my genealogy in one branch back to BC times. When I was in sixth grade, I debated a taxidermist and won! Research – it’s my thing.) Anyway, narrow-minded is NOT something that applies to me.

Uranus – 22º Sagittarius (rebellion and innovation)

Uranus is supposed to reveal my rebellious side. I expected this section to be longer. Apparently, I think traditional ideas are out of date and prefer new ideas and religions that might lead to change. I’m very independent. On romantic relationships:

Her amorous adventures are not only numerous but also very complicated, and may lose their charm over the long term.

Well that’s true. Especially the losing charm part. And I guess the traditional vs. new is true to some degree as well. I don’t assume traditional is out of date, but there are scores of traditional concepts that I think are outdated because they don’t make sense with more modern knowledge, or I think they were wrong then too. I find it ironic that it says new religions, because while the religions I’m most drawn to are considered “New Age”, they tend to be some of the oldest religions we can find. But yes, I like things that lead to change. Change is how we improve.

Neptune – 5º Capricorn (spirituality and creativity)

In regards to spirituality and creativity, I idealize work and practicality, I have high expectations, and a desire to be selfless and giving. And I’m susceptible to drugs and alcohol.

I do idealize work and practicality. Emotions are messy, but practical actions can make change. I do want to be selfless and giving – I wish I was better at it. I try to volunteer when I can, but life gets in the way.

I am not susceptible to drugs and alcohol. I wish I was. I’ve done weed, but it mostly just makes me angry because I can’t find the energy to get up and do anything, so I feel bad and then I get angry (angry is an emotion I AM comfortable with). I’ve tried other drugs but was never super impressed. Alcohol – I like alcohol. However, I don’t often drink. I’ve been in Italy, the country of wine and limoncello for almost six months and I think I’ve drank any sort of alcohol three times. I’ll drink more over the summer probably, but still, I don’t often drink to excess, and I don’t crave it.

Pluto – 7º Scorpio (power, secrets, and transformation)

Pluto will tell all my secrets. Let’s see, I enjoy research into mysterious and taboo topics (check!), I will have a secret love affair that will lead to a scandal or problems (been there – check!), I am great at sex (I’m just going to leave that there). Simple, straightforward, and to the point.

So that’s where it ends. That was surprisingly more in depth than I would have expected, and I’m curious to see how different it would be for another birthday. Something I may want to play with. Anyway, I think it was pretty accurate, which surprises me. There are some things I want to explore further, because I want to improve on them – for instance, my spending habits, and perhaps some of the relationship stuff, because when I see it laid out like this, I’m not the good one in my relationships. And that’s probably the wrong way to say that – it’s not a competition, even if I want to win. But I would like to not be quite as critical of others. One thing that pretty much never showed up was a sense of adventure or fun, so that’s worth exploring some. One thing I want to do this year is get out and try new things.

The next step is going to be finding out what to do with these results! What do you think about astrology? Have you ever had a birth chart done?

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