Who Am I? Personality According To Astrology, Part 1

Hey, today is the Chinese New Year. This year, I’m exploring who I am, and this month I wanted to do so from an astrological point of view. Then, way way too much information came up, so I figured I would split it into two posts. Today, I’ll look at Chinese and Native American zodiacs, and touch on numerology, and later this week, I’ll cover the western zodiac. I don’t necessarily think astrology is fool-proof, but I’m not sure it’s complete bull either. I am sure that it’s interesting, so it can’t hurt to explore it. Let’s get started.

My Chinese Zodiac

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Mao
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Mu (Wood)
Yin Yang: Yin
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
Lucky Colors: red, blue, pink, purple
Lucky Flowers: snapdragon, plantain lily, nerve plant
Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south
Famous Rabbits: Kate Winslett, Drew Barrymore, Queen Victoria, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Robin Williams, Tina Turner, Albert Einstein

So I am the rabbit (Years 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035). More specifically, I am the fire rabbit. Which is odd, since my normal Chinese element is wood. Anyway, this seems to imply that I am discreet and diplomatic, socially adept, and strong willed. I enjoy art and intellect, engaging in debates frequently. I am a hard worker, with a strong sense of loyalty and an eye for detail. I am not a risk taker. I’m likely to be broad-minded and insightful.

In general, I felt this to be pretty inaccurate. I am strong willed, and I do enjpy art and intellect, and I am a hardworker, but I am not diplomatic, discreet, or particularly insightful. Really, this is very generalized, and just didn’t provide any insight. Oh well!


I tried numerology too. I ran a “personal year” number for both 2018 and 2019, figuring I would get to see how accurate 2018’s prediction was.

For 2018, the number was 5, which means major change, excitement, and adventure. In particular, a change to residence. I found this a little scary, because 2018 was exactly that. I moved to Italy, leaving everything I’d ever known.

With that in mind, my number for 2019 is 6. It will come with increasing responsibilities, and while I won’t have any major accomplishments, I will learn what really matters. 2019 is supposed to be a good year, full of peace and harmony.

After that, I calculated the personality, life path, destiny, and soul urge numbers, to see what they all said.

Personality – 5

I don’t think of myself as a dynamo, and I’m not super outgoing, but I do get bored easily, and I am non-committal. Overall, this really isn’t that accurate for me, I think.

Life Path – 1

This, however, was fairly accurate. I am a workholic generally, and can be overcritical. While I can be lazy, I generally hate myself for it, and I am never late.

Destiny – 3

“How to be less critical”…that is basically the theme of my foray into personality. I don’t think the rest of this is applicable – people don’t generally leave me, I tend to leave them. This is oddly optimistic, which makes me suspicious.

Soul Urge – 7

This description seemed pretty accurate. I do enjoy solitude, especially when I’m figuring things out. I still need social interaction, but sometimes it seems like more trouble than it’s worth, and I have to remember the importance of balance.

Blood Type

One other mystical type I looked at was an East Asian belief that blood type could have an effect on a person’s personality. I have a strong interest in genetics, so this intrigued me. I’m type AB+, which is considered to be rational, calm, adaptable, critical, indecisive, and irresponsible. This isn’t…inaccurate. But what intrigues me more is I am an INTJ in the MBTI, which, particularly as a woman, is particularly rare, and I have a rare blood type – I’d be curious to see if there’s a connection there (and will be looking that up now). I feel like the blood type description was exceptionally vague, so any accuracy is not notable. But the MBTI was far more detailed and intriguing.

So those are some of my more mystical forays into personality. I cover the western zodiac on Saturday (it’s long so I wanted a separate post). How do you feel about these types of personality assessments?

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