“Wear Red Day” Outfits

February 1st is Wear Red Day, to show support for heart disease research. While people picture overweight older men as the most likely candidate for heart issues, more women die every year from heart disease than men. The symptoms are often missed, as heart attacks present differently in men and women, and women tend to be caretakers for others, while missing or ignoring their own health issues. Wearing red is a simple way to help start the conversation. Check out the Mayo Clinic’s site to learn the symptoms to watch for, go to the American Heart Association’s GO RED website for information on how to help, and scroll down for some outfit ideas.

Wear Red To Work


I thought about going neutral-suit and red-shirt, but instead, let’s really have the conversation. Red is a power color, so let’s embrace it. I think the grafitti print blouse (from NYandCo, as is the suit) will remind people to have the conversation. The black anchors everything, so that it’s still professional.

Fact: Heart disease is the number 1 killer of both men and women.

Wear Red For Fun


Running errands or grabbing lunch with friends? Try a red sweater and this adorable plaid skirt. This outfit is warm enough to wear in February, but still eye-catching.

Fact: Women are 50% more likely to die than men within a year of a heart attack.

Wear Red To Benefit


Going to a benefit event raising money for the American Heart Association? Here’s a look for you, whether the dress code is cocktail or black tie. Head to toe red is gorgeous and I love the copper accents.

Fact: Being overweight isn’t the only risk factor. Being underweight, suffering from a lack of sleep, being out of shape, being on birth control or menopausal, and having a poor diet can contribute. There are also genetic factors, environmental factors…you should start getting screened in your twenties to minimize your risk.

Have you been affected by heart disease, either in yourself or in a family member?

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