The Best Exercise Blogs To Follow in 2019

Since a lot of people make resolutions to exercise more (and then break them because who wants to exercise?), I wanted to gather up some exercise blogs that I like that have fun workout plans or useful information to keep you motivated.  Here’s a list for you to check out – hopefully it will inspire you to keep up with regular exercise!

Ok, this is about the coolest site, and I’m definitely going to be using this in 2019.  There’s basically two sides.  The first is the traditional blog, but instead of “do 100 sit-ups, do 100 push-ups”, they have workout routines inspired by comic book characters, superheroes, and Game of Thrones.  Yes, you still have to do sit-ups, but the idea is that you’re striving for some quality you admire from these characters.  The second part of this blog is that you can sign up for an avatar, and then level up.  They have different goals and as you check them off, you gain experience.  It’s a fun way of keeping you motivated, and I already want to start completing some of these.

This is a great blog if you admire a celebrity’s fitness style, as it has information on how to get Julianne Hough’s long and lean dancer muscles, or Gal Gadot’s strength.  It doesn’t focus solely on working out in a gym – they also recommend recreational activities to try, like skiing or stand-up paddleboarding that serve dual purpose.  They even include diet recommendations so that you can approach your goals from all sides.

This blog has a lot of different workouts, from body part-specific to astrologically designed to travel-friendly routines.  There’s lots of variety to keep you from getting bored, and there’s even levels on some of the workouts, so if easy becomes too, well, easy, you can move up to intermediate or advanced.

Fitness In The City has a number of routines that play off exercise trends without going too far down the rabbit hole.  For instance, I enjoy ballet-inspired workouts because I appreciate the flexibility and tone that go into those, and they have an article on exercises to incorporate from Barre Attack

CeCe is a plus-size blogger who started the blog when she was finding her exercise comfort level.  She acknowledges the self-consciousness one feels as a plus-size woman in the gym, and talks you through it with exercise ideas, motivation, and personal anecdotes.  She also tries out new workout ideas, and writes about how effective they seemed to be.

Check these blogs out – let me know what you think, especially if you try any of the workouts! I’ve already been marking some to try – hopefully, they will make exercising more fun.


  1. These are the sites I normally visit when I want to read something about fitness. I get the best idea from these blogs.

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