3 Outfits to Start 2019 Off Right

If you’re like me, I know you want to kick the new year off with some new outfits.  I love fashion and enjoy dressing up a bit more than tshirt and jeans (although it is temptingly comfortable!). I played around with Pantone’s winter colors and see what I came up with!

Crocus Petal

Crocus Petal Outfit Winter 2019 - Midsummer Life Dream

I really like the lavender that Pantone is pushing – it’s very light and icy, so it’s perfect for winter.  I paired it with slightly olive green jewelry and charcoal accessories, and overall I think it’s a fresh combination.

Red Pear

Red Pear Outfit Winter 2019 - Midsummer Life Dream

This is a lot of color for me, but I love it.  I think the dark teal boots and purse play off the red well, and the aqua coat brightens the look up.  I’ve been learning to embrace color more (my go-to has been black for years) and I think I could wear this outfit out of the house without stressing that it’s too much.

Sargasso Sea/Almond Buff/Russet Orange

Sargasso Sea Outfit Winter 2019 - Midsummer Life Dream

I used a lot of that almond color here because orange scares me and I wanted to have a solid neutral base to tone it down.  I love navy and I think the almond really sets it off, and then pulling in some orange in lip gloss and the scarf was a bit less scary.  I could totally wear this outfit out while I wander around town – in fact, if I buy that scarf, I might just do so!

What do you think?  What colors are you into this winter?

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