He’s home!!!

Sekhmet the jerk cat is back! We just got back from Ravenna. We had stopped in the Northern Italian town on the way from Paris to Torre Dell’Orso, and at the time I didn’t say much because there was no good ending. The cabin door and windows didn’t latch properly so the animals all got out the one night we were there – we spent the next morning – day, really – looking for animals. And we found them – all except Sekhmet. We didn’t catch him, didn’t even set eyes on him, just…nothing. We hated beyond belief leaving him, but we had no choice. With no idea where he was, we had no chance of catching him and we had to get the others to the house so they were safe and comfortable. So we stayed at the cabin until about 5, and then we left. The guilt, OMG!

So since then, the plan has been to make a trip back up there with the hopes that, after some time, Sekhmet will be sick of living outdoors and would come find us. We stayed in touch with the amazing people at Camping Reno – I strongly recommend it (they fixed the window and the door between our visits so they really care about the quality of the place) – but they hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him. However, they kept putting food out for him, and we truly believe that is why he was able to stay in the area.

So we left Torre Dell’Orso yesterday and took the bus to Lecce, then the overnight train to…well, Bologna, but we jumped off at Cesena. Then we took a bus from Cesena to Ravenna, but we couldn’t decide what our stop was, so we also took the bus back to Cesena. Then, frustrated, we were able to catch a train to Ravenna, via Rimini and then a cab to Camping Reno! Easy Peasy!

So we get there and they gave us the same cabin so Sekhmet would know where to find us. Then we started looking…and looking and looking, with no luck. So, in desperate need of fluids, we hit the restaurant/convenience store on site, and the kind woman behind the counter remembered that her friend had seen il gatto americano the day before by the pool! We started the search again, and sure enough we found him! Couldn’t reach him, but we found him.

So we are trying everything we can to get him out, and he’s clearly toying with us, because like I said, he’s a jerk. Then he runs and we lose him again. We were terrified that we were never going to get him back. We started looking again and again and again, and we finally heard him outside the fence in the trees and ridiculously tall grass, in an area we can’t get to. My heart just sank, and the only thing we can think of to do is to wait. We have to leave by morning, and hoped to head back home tonight, but with no cat, we were between a rock and a hard place.

M sat on the grass behind the cabin and just waited and the little bugger all of a sudden just came sauntering out and climbed right in her lap. She had him scruffed like a vise in a second and we got him in the carrier. The staff at Camping Reno were happy for us (this has been an ongoing saga), and now Sekhmet is home safe and sound. We’re still in a bit of disbelief, I think. A Happy Dance was performed!

So that’s Sekhmet’s two week(!) adventure. He looks none the worse for wear. But the real MVPs here are the staff at Camping Reno. Their actions gave him a chance to stay safe and fed in the same area, and they did everything they could to help us get him back. We plan on celebrating every year with a weekend there as thanks, and I strongly recommend to anyone visiting Italy, stay at Camping Reno. Beyond great staff, they also have an adorable place – the cabins are cute and comfortable, the place is pretty quiet, and it’s right next to the beach, so you can go lay out or walk on the sand. Plus, they are completely pet-friendly (as you can tell). In the meantime, we have to listen to Sekhmet scream all his complaints from the past two weeks at us. YEAH!!!!!!

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