The Italian Food Situation

I’m soooo hungry.  We’ve been in Torre Dell’Orso for about a week and a half, we’ve been out of America for about two weeks, and I’m basically surviving on bananas.  I didn’t eat at all in France because we were dealing with getting off the plane, the animals, the driving issues in Dijon.  I had a bit of fondue in Switzerland, but it was so hot – both weather and food – that I couldn’t bear to eat all of it.  In Ravenna, M, who wasn’t very hungry, got me a watermelon. Delicious, but not great for actual fuel.  I grabbed a sandwich outside Ravenna from a gas station, but I got flustered when ordering and the one I ended up picking was meat, so I ended up with just a piece of flatbread.  We tried to stop for food in Pescara, but couldn’t find a parking space where we would be able to see the van from the restaurant – important, since the animals were in it.  But we figured it doesn’t matter, because hey, we will be in Torre Dell’Orso and there will be plenty of food.

The first night, I dragged M out for dinner, and we stopped at a little place off the main drag.  The only thing they had there that I could eat was a margherita pizza and…it was dry, tasteless, not good.  OK, fine.  We took a couple of days to get our bearings, and I tried to make pasta, but I must have screwed up the recipe because it melted into a floury mess.  Then we tried another place – they literally microwaved the calzone in front of me.  Not a good sign.  I couldn’t even eat it – it tasted like it was several days old.

Out of sheer frustration and the hole in my stomach, I got store bought pasta and sauce, which I tried to make – did make, technically.  Except for some reason, my stove keeps trying to electrocute me, and for bland, tasteless, overcooked pasta (because my arm kept going numb and I didn’t pull it out in time), I was not willing to risk eating an electrical charge.

So tonight, I’m super hungry again.  I’ve eaten about 6 bananas today.  I’m scared to cook.  We’ve already ruled out two restaurants in a very very small town because the food was bad, and a third because they literally have nothing – NOTHING – that doesn’t have fish in it.  It’s the end of season so most places are shutting down.  We tried to go to this one place that serves “street food”, but they didn’t seem to have any interest in feeding us or, being at all visible.

All I want is an actual meal with some flavor.  I saw a jar of curry seasoning at the salumeria – is it weird to just eat a jar of spices?  We can’t believe that we are in Italy, of all places, home of the cuisine everyone in the world loves, living in a culture that is pretty centered around food, and we are starving.  My cousin had to cancel our plans to go to his house for Sunday dinner because of an emergency – little does he know, that seems to have been the only chance we would have to eat this week.

More on life in Italy soon – in the meantime, send food!


  1. Funny that you can’t find good food in Italy!!! So… address, contact info for y’all??! Sounds like y’all are enjoying the trip. I assume you have to get the citizenship taken care of before you can look for a job? Love y’all!

    1. I’ve sent you the contact address privately. Food was rough. We finally found a good place over the weekend, and are trying to work out our stove now.

  2. Hi travelers. Glad to hear you arrived safely and that your apartment is better than you hoped. Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with the food! We have never traveled in that area of Italy but your reports were a surprise! We have always had good experiences with food in Italy. Hope to continue hearing of your adventures
    Love you both
    Aunt Marilyn and uncle Bob

    1. We finally found a good place and we are working on the stove issue now, so we are eating again. We were just shocked we were so hungry in Italy of all places!

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