Our First Week In Italy

So today marks the end of our first week in Torre Dell’Orso.  It’s been…something.  I know our Italian is getting better, that I’m picking up more words, but it still is very hard, particularly because I seem to be inclined to slip into French.  The animals are adjusting, Dakota very well, the others with varying speed and degrees of success.  We love to go get cappuccinos at the little cafe around the corner from us, and we bring Dakota, sit outside, and people-watch when we do.

I’m getting better at shopping at the supermercato, the produce shop, or the pane store, so that’s good.  We’ve tried a few restaurants, but they haven’t been great, so we’ve mostly preferred to just cook ourselves.

We are finally having better luck finding WiFi, so I have been making numerous trips a day to Dentoni, the gelato store, so that I can check email, download things, and (starting today) keep posting to the blog.  I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be connected again.  I immediately downloaded the files for offline translation to my phone, so that I can use it if I need it.  I would love to claim I’m not addicted to the internet, but honestly, I grew up on it, and I use it automatically.  Plus, I haven’t found a library or anything over here to supplement, so survival is definitely a little rough.

Something that’s going to take a lot more getting used to is the weather.  It’s been sunny and gorgeous every day but INSANELY hot.  I am not designed for heat – I’m a creature of snow and cold.  Because Italy is latitudinally farther north than NC, I thought it would be a bit cooler, but no – middle of September and I think we’re breaking 100 degrees F every day.  I am starting to understand siesta because who wants to be out in that!?

This week, we are hoping to get our sleep schedules worked out a bit better, pick up a bathing suit for M so that we can go to the beach, and find a pet store, a tabaccharia that sells tubes and loose tobacco, and some freaking garbage bags (harder to find then one might expect).  We also need to send off some paperwork for apostilles before we go to Rome and make a quick trip back up to Ravenna.  In the meantime, I am going to go cook some pasta – not from scratch today, I’m cheating and taking the easy way out, although I do have fresh mozzarella to shred for it.


  1. Jax. The reason no one checked your papers along your journey is because you entered in France (an EU country) and Italy is also part of the EU, I know Switzerland isn’t but I don’t remember ever being stopped at there borders either

    1. I agree to a degree, but we didn’t get stopped in France either. Literally no one has looked at our passports on this side of the water. Just weird!

  2. Please include us in your blog transmissions. Love to know how things are going😊💕. E-mail is *****

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