Our Italian Appartmento

So our Italian apartment…we rented, sight unseen, with the idea that we can survive a lot for two months and it would be easier to find a great place when we are over here.  This one was under budget, two bedrooms, and two outdoor areas that we hoped with give Dakota a little bit of space to run.  Plus, it was furnished which makes the first few months a bit easier.

So when we got here, our realtor Salvatore showed me around, and boy was this not what I expected.  This place is easily double the size I was expecting and it’s really nice!  The bedrooms have plenty of room to be comfortable, and the living room fits two twin beds, a 6 person dining table, a china cabinet, and Dakota’s cage comfortably.  The kitchen has everything we could need and the outdoor areas are way bigger, so Dakota has lots of room.  There’s even two bathrooms!  The only odd thing is in the indoor bathroom (the other one is in front outdoor space), the toilet is in the shower.  Odd, but not a deal breaker.  We haven’t yet figured out how the bidet works, but that’s fine – we will at some point.

This apartment, only 3 blocks from the beach, in the states would run easily 2 or 3 times what we are paying for it here in Italy.  It’s a great place, and we have the option to extend our lease until May, which we are considering – depending on the progression of citizenship and such.  That would give us a fair amount of time to decide where we want to be permanently, as well as settle into Italian life, before we go making long term plans.  I don’t think we will choose to stay in Torre Dell’Orso forever – it’s beautiful but very very small, and pretty touristy – but it’s a nice place for a while.

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