My Favorite People On Youtube

So a few months ago, my mother asked me how people made money off vlogging.  In explaining, I showed her some videos and I got hooked.  There’s a few Youtubers I like to keep an eye because they make me laugh or they have content I relate to.  If you’re looking for someone new to subscribe to, check these people out.

Rachlovves Screenshot
Rachhloves is the main channel for Rachel Cooper, a Canadian beauty vlogger who  reviews new makeup releases, provides makeup tutorials, and tests various beauty hacks.  She has a great sense of humor that comes through in her videos, and gets creative in creating new looks, from letting her husband or daughter pick her makeup, to trying Instagram-loved products.  While I don’t always love the looks she comes up with (when she uses red eyeshadow, her makeup always is reminiscent of blood to me!), I enjoy her videos and have learned new makeup techniques to try, and her videos have encouraged me to enjoy makeup again and have inspired me to try new products.  On top of her main channel, she has a secondary lifestyle vlog where she tries Pinterest hacks, organizing solutions, and talks about what’s going on in her life.

Jazzybum Screenshot
Jasmin, or Jazzybum on YouTube, is a British lifestyle vlogger, who makes videos about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.  In one video, she may be trying on clothes from a super low-cost fashion site, and in another, she may be trying a Pinterest craft, like her confetti bowl (too funny!).  She comes across as one of us, someone who is not perfect and ridiculously talented, and her self-deprecating humor makes her so relatable that you feel like she’s a friend.  She doesn’t post as often as I’d like, but her videos are always worth it.  Plus, sometimes you get the added bonus of her boyfriend Nick, who is every bit as funny as she is.

Anna Akana
Akana Screenshot
Anna Akana is a comedian with her own YouTube channel and her own YouTube Red show, Youth & Consequences.  Her main channel is terrific, with her comedic take on real issues.  She has discussed everything from Asian Fetishization to depression, as well as her cats, of course.  On top of that, Youth & Consequences is like a cross between Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, but more humane at the core.  I binge-watched the whole first season in one day, and now I hate that it didn’t get picked up for season 2, although I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Safiya Nygaard
Nygarrd Screenshot
Safiya Nygaard is an ex-Buzzfeed writer turned YouTuber who runs a lifestyle blog that combines her dry and dark humor with Pinterest experiments, YouTube challenges, and some very questionable fashion choices.  Some of my favorite videos are when she mixes makeup together, like when she melted and mixed one of every lipstick at Sephora.

Who do you like on YouTube that I should check out?

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