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Pantone 2018
You may have read my post from yesterday about using Pantone’s 2018 color, Ultra Violet, in home decor, so I thought today we could go over how to wear it.
Pantone 2018 Formal.png
DressShoesClutchRingBraceletEarringsLipstick (Color: Vintage)Eyeliner (Color: Vice)
I think Ultra Violet breaks the tedium of most formal wear.  Instead of black, dark blues, or red, which is pretty much the only bright color you might see, purple stands out while staying regal and classy.  The silver accessories add a bit of shine, and the purple smoky eye maintains the color scheme.  On top of that, the lipstick is a dark plummy-orchid color that accents the outfit perfectly.  It’s tempting to go with a nude but be bold!
Pantone 2018 Business.png
How great is this suit?  If it’s too much for you, swap out the pants for a black pair, but I think it’s really great as is.  The purple top picks up the flowers in the print, and the dark rose lipstick is a great power color.
Pantone 2018 Casual.png
So I have a thing for plaid, which is why when I saw this top, I knew it was perfect.  This is great for running errands in the summer – lightweight and cool, some bright pops of color, some sparkly jeweled sandals… what’s not to love?
Would you wear any of these outfits?  How do you feel about Ultra Violet?  Share in the comments!

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