It Came!!

So the last piece of American paperwork I need for my Italian citizenship just came!  I first ordered this marriage license from New Jersey last November, and in January, they said it was actually in New York.  I ordered it from New York in February, and reordered it in June, and it finally showed up!  I am so close, I can taste the sunny Italian air ( I know that doesn’t make sense, I just simply don’t care).  Next step is to arrange the trip over to visit “i miei cuginos” and obtain my citizenship.  I’m hoping to get the money together so that I can go in September.  It is entirely possible I’m going to be living in Italy soon!  I’m working on my Italian, and while I’m still really bad at it, I’m sometimes surprised by how much is actually sticking.  I understand more than I can speak, and I’m pretty good at reading it, however, I get flustered actually creating my own sentences which is, arguably, the most important part.  Just means I have to work more!
I’ll keep posting as I move through the process, so keep an eye out for the next step!

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