The Best Lip Sync Battle Performances

So when I heard that the skit from Jimmy Fallon’s show was becoming a T.V. show in it’s own right, I thought that was insane.  Who wants to watch thirty minutes of people PRETENDING to sing?  As funny as it was for a few minutes occasionally, I figured a whole series was too much.  Lip Sync Battle is now two seasons in, and boy, was I wrong!  The contestants really go all out and it’s amazing.  After a long week at work, this show is amazing at helping me unwind and just laugh.  Here’s some of my favorite performances, both from the Tonight Show and Lip Sync Battle – check them out on Youtube when you need to release some stress!

14. Tom Holland “Umbrella”

Tom Holland didn’t hold back – his dancing was actually good, but he also brought some unexpected twists.  I really think he nailed it.  And congrats for being able to do that in those heels – I know I couldn’t!

  1. Josh Gad “I Touch Myself”

This is the weirdest, creepiest, most over-the-top performance.  Watch at your own risk – the things you will see can’t be unseen.   It’s funny in a horrifying way.   Josh Gad did…everything, so much that I was both laughing and disgusted.

  1. Emma Stone “Hook”

Her facial expressions are perfect.  And her performance made me really listen to this song, which is so under-rated.  It was one of the biggest songs for the Blues Travellers, even though the entire song is about how the band could put out any nonsense, provided the hook is catchy.  Anyway, Emma Stone is always amazing, and her performance proves it.

  1. Hayden Panettiere “Lady Marmalade”

Even before the surprise guest comes out, Hayden P. put on a great performance.  The big hair, the outfit, she looked amazing and did an awesome job.

  1. Snoop Dogg “Don’t Stop Believing”

I just love Snoop.  He seems like such a good-natured, easygoing guy (although that might be due to his herbal habits) and this song seemed such an odd choice for him, but he really nailed it.  Really, his whole episode was amazing, because he enjoyed the entire experience, singing along and dancing with every song.

  1. Josh Peck “Thong Song”

I will confess – I don’t even know who Josh Peck is.  I’ve heard his name, but don’t know anything he’s done or even what industry he is in.  However, his performance was great, especially when he was a butt magician.

  1. Stephen Merchant “Dirrty”

Stephen Merchant is so tall, lanky, and awkward, that he always reminds me of a giant grasshopper.  Plus, when he lip syncs, he puts on his “crazy” eyes and really commits.  Add to that a pair of ass-less chaps and you’ve got a recipe for success, it turns out.

  1. Tom Cruise “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights”

I don’t even like Tom Cruise all that much (although I do love Meatloaf) but the way he did both parts was amazing.

  1. Clark Gregg “Toxic”

I did not know that Clark Gregg was married to Jennifer Grey, but the really great part was watching Agent Coulson twerk…sort of.  I think this is a great song anyway, but his performance made it so much fun.

  1. Anne Hathaway “Wrecking Ball”

Anne Hathaway really connected to the emotion of the song, but also felt the competition with Emily Blunt and paid tribute to Miley Cyrus’s original music video.

  1. John Krazinski – “Proud Mary”

John Krazinski.png
Well, if you’re going to perform “Proud Mary”, there had better be sequins and fringe, and John Krazinski delivered.  He had no shame and did everything he could to do justice to Tina Turner’s performances.

  1. Channing Tatum “Let It Go”

The dancing snowflakes and Channing Tatum’s leg slit made this for me.  He really embraced his inner princess, in my opinion, and while his wife was amazing, and his second performance was very good, Tatum’s tribute to Disney was perfect.

  1. Julianne Hough “I Just Had Sex”

Not only did Julianne Hough really commit (and I thought it was hilarious that the cute little blonde who always seems so sweet and bubbly got down and dirty for a lewd Akon song), but her brother’s reaction is what sends the humor quotient through the roof.

  1. Melissa McCarthy “Colors of The Wind”

I swear this one is, hands down, the funniest one ever.  Done on the Tonight Show, where the performers don’t typically use props or complex effects, Melissa McCarthy, who is always hilarious, went all the way.  There’s really no way to explain this, so just watch the video.

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