Dream Vacation Ideas: Giraffe Manor

So this time of year, everyone is thinking about upcoming vacations – where they can go, what they can do.  I won’t have time to travel this year, but I like hearing about fun places to go – someday I will have the chance to travel more!  I saw a video about this place in Kenya (already a dream spot for me) called Giraffe Manor.  Basically, it’s a small bed-and-breakfast style hotel where giraffes roam free on the land.

Giraffe Manor



This means that you could wake up one morning and hey!  There’s a giraffe at your bedroom window!

giraffe window

Or you’re having breakfast in the dining room, and your long-necked friend might ask you for a bit of your biscuit.

Giraffe Breakfast.jpg

Comedy Central – Weirdest Themed Hotels


I’ve always had a weakness for giraffes, so the idea of getting to basically live with them is so cool!  But of course, feeding giraffes isn’t the only thing to do if you’re in Kenya.  Since the Manor is near Nairobi, you also have access to The National Museum, which houses an scientifically important collection of early hominid skulls, artifacts from various tribes, and several exhibits on the native wildlife.
National Museum Skull
A hominid skull at the National Museum; TripAdvisor

At the Dave Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, visitors have the opportunity to get up close and personal with elephants and rhinocereses. Due to the orphan rescue program, they constantly have baby animals around, as well as older animals that are unable to live in the wild.  It’s a great opportunity to learn about some of these amazing, endangered animals, and how to help them.
Sheldrick Trust Elephant
Dave Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

At the Nairobi National Park, you can take a shuttle that will drive you through the reserve so you can see Kenya’s wildlife in person.  In addition to the black rhinos that made the park famous, they also have wildebeest, gazelle, ostriches, cheetahs, and more.
A Gazelle at Nairobi National Park.

Another place I would absolutely want to go while in Kenya is the Bomas.  There are multiple featured exhibits of Kenyan homes and culture, and I imagine learning about such a long-lasting culture would be fascinating.
Bomas of Kenya
Bomas of Kenya Dance Exhibition

I’ve had family who went to Kenya and they say it’s so amazing there – that the culture is so rich, the landscape is so beautiful, the animals are amazing.  I can’t wait until I can go and really take the time to appreciate the differences between Kenya and the United States, learn about the culture, and see all of the animals with my own two eyes.  But now that I know of the Giraffe Manor, I may have to plan a few extra days just for hanging with the giraffes, because it will be HARD to pull me away!

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