My First Post – and my favorite topic

So this is my first official post on this blog, and it’s going to be on my favorite topic!  To explain, when I decided to start this blog, I figured it would be easier to write regularly if I had some loose guidelines to follow, so I made a schedule that on this day, I’d cover this topic, and on that day, I’d cover that topic (I know, I’m a nerd!).  Beyond that, if there is anything else I feel like blogging about, I can just publish it whenever, but between those times, I’d have an idea and a goal and such to keep me on track.  Anyway, Wednesday is my day to talk about animals, which are (one of) my favorite topic(s)!
So I’m going to tell you about my animals.  I have 3 dogs and…multiple cats.  I’m not a crazy cat lady (although I do plan to be in the future!) – I just have combined my home with others, and the cats just added up.  Yeah.  While I wish we had less cats when I’m cleaning out the litterboxes, I love them all so much. But I’ll talk about the cats in the future.  For now…


Let’s start with the dogs.  So my oldest is Alabama.  He’s 10-ish…fine, he’s 15 and he doesn’t like to talk about it (no, wait, that’s me).  He’s a mutt that my aunt found under a bush in Alabama, covered in scars and terrified.  She took him home, but her mean mean HOA group said she couldn’t keep the vicious pit bull, so he came to live with us.

Sorry for the quality of the photo.  Bama is very hard to get a picture of – he always thinks I’m trying to steal his soul!

Does that look like the face of a vicious killer to you?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Anyway, I am glad those mean old people wouldn’t let him stay there, because I got a terrific dog.  He’s sweeter than sugar, and he has raised all of my other animals.  Bama loves being a “mama” to baby anythings, from puppies to kittens, and he’s even tried to take over parenting my cousin when she’s in town!  He has some fear issues – he will probably never get over his fear of men – but I’m happy to accommodate him because he is just amazing and deserves a little extra TLC!

The Bad Boys

Next up is my puppies, Texas and Dakota (yes, my dogs are all named for states).  I got these two from the pound, where they were on death row at 7 weeks old.

Those pictures are from the day I brought them home.  Texas, on the right, was so excited when he saw me in the pound, that he peed on his brother’s head.  Who wouldn’t take the pee-pee twins home?  If only I’d known then.  Anyway, after stopping for two puppy baths, they came home with me and were terrific boys.  You know, after their two years of potty training (yeah, the peeing incident was an omen, it turns out), 3 years of behavioral training, and 8 months of telling Dakota that yes, he is a dog and yes, that DOES mean that he has to walk on all four legs instead of his preferred two.  Seriously, he could run across the whole house on his back legs, front legs sticking out before him like a T-Rex.  Couldn’t stop so well, so he would just kind of crash into people, but hey, who needs to stop on their own when a puppy mama will catch them!  Now they are 5 and doing great.  They are super sweet, much MUCH better behaved, and only a little violent (Tex likes to hold you down so he can better kiss or snuggle you, and when Dakota gets excited, he tends to punch me.  I’ve had a few black eyes from that).  So now, Tex is 60 pounds of sweet and soulful boy…

…and Dakota is 45 pounds of excited, happy, loving-but-in-a-slightly-painful way puppy.  (in the picture – Dakota put himself in that hanger on his own.  I had been talking about a costume contest at work, and I think he wanted to enter because he came out of the other room, and gave me that face.  By the time I stopped laughing enough to take the picture, he seemed pretty proud of himself.)
So those are my three terrific dogs.  In future posts, I’ll tell you my crazy cat stories – there are plenty!

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