2016’s Perfect Summer Playlist

It’s summer again!  Mostly…  I don’t know about you but the temperature here is still fluctuating pretty wildly, it’s rainy…Basically, it just doesn’t feel like summer yet, not entirely.  But for the times when it’s hot and sunny, here’s some of my favorite songs to remind me of how relaxed and carefree summer should be.

When the sun goes down – Kenny Chesney ft. Uncle Kracker

Plenty of people dismiss country music for any number of reasons, but I was raised on it.  This song always makes me feel like I’m on a beach at sunset, having fun with friends.  Relaxed, casual…and holding some fruity, frozen drink!

Firecracker – Josh Turner

While this song isn’t technically about summer, the upbeat tempo still keeps my mood up. I love Josh Turner’s voice!

Boys of Summer – The Ataris

I know that Don Henley is the original singer of this song, but I’ve always connected more with the Ataris’ version.

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth – Meatloaf

Another song that makes me feel like I’m on a beach, but much MUCH more sultry.  Sultry is really the perfect word for this song – sultry, steamy, seductive.  There’s a passion in this song that is hard to beat.  Cheers to summer romance!

Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett

Is any summer playlist complete without this iconic summer song?  Is there anyone who doesn’t hear the first beats and immediately picture themselves under a giant beach umbrella, fresh margarita in hand, and sand between their toes?  The song may be about heartbreak, but I think that the vibe is far more relaxing than the words.

This Afternoon – Nickelback

Fine, I know some people hate Nickelback.  But I’m not one of them.  And regardless, this song is carefree, fun, catchy, and perfect for a relaxed summer afternoon.  Makes me want to have a pool party!

Check out the playlist on Youtube and let me know what your summer songs are!

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